Saturation, Vibrancy, and Contrast

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  1. There were several posts in the thread about Ken Rockwell's day job that mentioned his love of saturated, vibrant and contrasty photographs.
    Are there photographers who are known for this look, but who do it much better?
    Could you name some examples?
  2. Peter Lik and Ken Duncan, two similar Australian photographers, (at least used to) specialise in panoramic photography with saturated colours. It's a matter of taste.
  3. I just went to the photography exhibit at our state fair. I'd say ninety percent of the photographs were of the over-saturated, vibrant and contrasty sort. My eyes needed a rest afterwards.
    Yes, it is definitely a matter of taste.
  4. There are many photographers using vibrant color tastefully. Here are a couple, notable for their dye transfer printing.
    • Eliot Porter.
    • Ctein, who over his career has transitioned from dye transfer to pigment inkjet printing.
  5. Martin Parr I suppose is the obvious example for me, though look particularly at his earlier work for this.
    He's very different though. When he makes saturated images he does so fully conscious of their potential vulgarity and in fact their tastelessness is an important part of the work. Also of course he is actually a genuinely successful and important photographer too.

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