Sarah Underhill

Discussion in 'News' started by paulr, Mar 30, 2008.

  2. May she rest in peace. The short time I knew her on this site, she was always genial and friendly, a lady of the highest quality who will surely be missed, but definitely not forgotten.
  3. Her perception of colour was wonderful.
  4. I do not believe it,Sarah she's gone ,she was a friend here in PN ,a lovely person and "colourful" photographer - rest in peace my friend .
  5. Sarah's Obituary. There are many that knew her personally. No doubt she was a fine person!

    I hope the family can endure these difficult times knowing how well Sarah was liked by the
    photography community.
  6. Some of the color has left the world...
  7. My condolences to her family and to the world of photography. She and her work will be missed immensely.
  8. She was a great inspiration - I'm really saddened by it. Her passing really illustrates how the community can be a very personal part of our lives.
  9. Amazingly enough, I met her last year at the Festival of the Photograph in VA, just struck up a conversation, walked around and had lunch together, a pleasant and interesting lady. I'm sorry to know I won't be seeing her again this June
  10. Sarah, You're always an inspiration to me and I will always remember you and missed you.
  11. Sarah has left us, but she has left behind the colourful image memories, which will always be part of our photo inspiration & treasure to behold, in our mind. Me 7 many PN members will miss you. ( in actural fact, I still can't quite absorb this news)
  12. Precious Sarah, you will live forever in the lives which you have touched, including mine...
  13. Sarah, thank you for the beauty that you gave us. We will miss you.

  14. Sarah, You were always a true inspiration and gifted photographer. Your talents and visions will be missed by many. I am ever thankful to have had the opportunity to see your photography.

    Fond memories, Todd

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