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  1. Many thanks to Steve Simmons and all those who contributed time and
    energy to the LF Conference this past weekend in Santa Fe. It was a
    delightful event that brought together all sorts of folks either
    using or interested in LF. A number of good sessions from very
    knowledgeable folks. How much did I learn? Way more than enough to
    make it worthwhile, and more than I expected, even in those sessions
    where I was sure, going in, that I "knew it all" already!
    The fellowship was the best part, however. LF, as we all know, can
    be pretty lonely, and forums like these aren't enough.
    Thank you, Steve!
  2. For the life if me I could not understand the confusion with the logistics as to when the seminars were to be conducted o Sunday and why there were differing schedules floating around. We did not have a hitch last year.

    Was it a productive conference? Absolutely. Could it have been better. Yes.

    My personal thanks to Gordon Hutchings and his understanding wife for departing from their travel schedule to accomodate a few of us that were caught in the middle. He was extremely patient given the situation and was most candid and communicative. Gordon is one of the best communicators I have had the pleasure to interact with. A gracious professional and an all around great person. If you are listening Steve, you might think of picking up the dinner check next time the Hutchings come to New Mexico.

    I sat in on a small portion of the APIS (alternative processing conference) and was very impressed at the quality of the images and the skill set of these individuals. Clearly platimun and palladium has a wonderful tonal range worthy of consideration. Generating a ULF negative from a 4x5 negative with the assistance of an Epson printer and getting high quality results blew my mind.
  3. Michael,

    I was at APIS and enjoyed most of it very much. Since I wasn't paying attention (and I don't subscribe to VC), I didn't even realize the LF conference was happening concurrently. Which talks did you see?
  4. APIS was a great conference. I really enjoyed meeting everyone. Santa Fe
    was a great venue for PhotoArts and I know that I had a great week. Seeing
    everyones work was a reat treat.

    The platinum printer/photographers are a great bunch and as a whole
    extremely talented.

    Thanks everyone, can't wait utntil next year.
  5. Michael is right on, APIS was most excellent. Kerik displayed some amazing pt/pd prints, and there were excellent gum prints, and a number of other processes too.

    What I found most interesting is that the level of quality among the photographers that brought work to show was for the most part very high. I was both impressed and humbled by the work that others brought to show. It has certainly has raised the bar for my work.

    I enjoyed spending time with various people, especially with Clay Harmon and Michael Kravit (both LF Forum members) and others that I had not met in person before the conference.

    Rather than spend another day indoors, on Sunday Clay and I went down to Albquerque to photograph an abandoned industrial building. What an amazing place! I brought my 7x17, Clay brought his 12x20, and we found it easy to use film there, because the light was excellent, and the subject matter interesting. We both used up our holders in fairly short order.

    ---Michael Mutmansky
  6. You two are lucky guys......Old abandoned industrial buildings make
    wonderful subjects.

    My wife and I went up to Chemayo and I shot a bunch of film. I met some
    locals who let me shoot their back yards. have you every seen a Chemayo
    back yard? Kind of like an old industrial building. ;-)

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