San Francisco De Asis Church, Rancho De Taos, NM

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    The first time I photographed this church two years ago, it was completely by accident. My wife's hobby is advanced weaving and we were in Taos for the Wool Festival so she could get some yarn close to the source. When we were done, we looked for a place to have lunch and found the excellent Old Martina's Restaurant just down the road in Rancho De Taos. The day was unseasonably warm for late October so I brought my camera bag into the restaurant. Seeing it, the server asked if I was planning to take pictures of "the most photographed church in the U.S. Unplanned, but did and got a few good images. This year we had other tasks in the area, but again stopped for lunch at Old Martina's - still excellent. Going in to lunch the light was flat, coming out after, much improved with interesting clouds. Here are six of around three dozen.
    DSC_9066 (664x1024).jpg DSC_9055 (683x1024).jpg DSC_9039 (1024x683).jpg DSC_9061 (1024x683).jpg DSC_9067 (683x1024).jpg DSC_9043 (1024x683).jpg
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  2. Some ten years ago
    Not an easy place to photograph at.
  3. There's something engaging about western & southwestern missions & churches, even though many have similar designs and appearance. Here are 3 shots of 2 beauties that I took while in New Mexico a few years ago (the first near Taos and the second in Albuquerque, as I recall):

    taoschurch1.jpg taoschurch2.jpg taoschurch3.jpg
  4. NM-Ranchos-de-Taos-St-Frances-of-Assissi-1750-hdc.jpg
  5. Lovely images...thought I'd add two more shots (Canham DLC with 90mm f/8 Schneider Super Angulon)


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