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  1. Hello,

    I will be traveling to San Diego and have an afternoon/evening free. I have never traveled to SD, and I would like to capture some
    landscape images. Any suggestions on where to shoot? I will be staying near Mission Beach as well as Coronado. I was thinking Sunset
    Cliffs would be nice, but welcome any suggestions.

  2. Depends. If you want the usual tourist stuff, stick to the beaches, especially to the north. Lovely sunsets, waves crashing against rocks, etc. Balboa Park. Got a thousand of those myself from when I lived there.

    The photos I wish I'd taken? National City. El Cajon. Ocean Beach. The graffiti on the bridges and overpasses. The industrial laundry near my tiny studio apartment when I got out of boot camp. The scruffy downtown of the '70s with the tattoo parlors and usual pogie bait for the sailors and marines. All the stuff I really remember and have no photos of.

    It really is a beautiful city. But I have no trouble remembering those parts. I should have photographed the real flavor of the place tho'.
  3. The old Mission above old town. Balboa park. Cabrillo National Monument at the tip of Point Loma.

  4. Point Loma/Cabrillo National Monument, Torrey Pines. If you have the time, do this scenic drive (or at least a part of it): I-8 east to Descanso Junction, then north on SR-79 through Cuyamaca Rancho State Park to Julian. Come back south on 79 to County Road S1 (Sunrise Highway), go south on S1 over Mount Laguna (Cleveland National Forest) - great views of the Anza-Borrego desert from there. Pick up I-8 again at Pine Valley, head west to San Diego. Just west of Pine Valley you'll cross the Pine Valley Bridge (the highest bridge on the Interstate Highway system), on the northern boundary of Pine Creek Wilderness.

    That's a little ambitious for an afternoon, but it's worth the effort. Have fun!
  5. I do the waterfront downtown, it's called Seaport Village- you could shoot the Coronado bridge from there. Then the downtown 'Gaslamp district' is full of great night shot possibilities and is only minutes away. Or go across the bridge and shoot San Diego from Coronado. Lots of great shots to be had.
    Have fun.

    PS If you do decided to go north, my photo gallery is up in Encinitas, on the coast, about a half hour north of La Jolla. Call first. Seewald's Gallery.
  6. I haven't been to Old Town since they changed concessionaire but that has kind of a historic cityscape/landscape feel to it.

    Not landscape but the USS Midway (decommissioned aircraft carrier) museum can be fascinating. It's on the waterfront near Seaport Village.
  7. Lex, I like your suggestions. I live in Coronado, and find myself shooting the same themes repeatedly. Think I might check out the local graffiti over the bridge.
  8. Thank you all for the great suggestions. It is a hard decision. Seems like I'll need to take in all the suggestions over a
    couple of trips.

    Thanks again!

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