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  1. any good photo ops in and around san antonio? nature or other wise. thanks
  2. There are several old missions that are pretty cool. There is a river in the area you could explore. Hey, it is Texas, there are lots of things to explore, big state!
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    The missions are special photo ops. The river walk, especially in the evenings can be lovely. Wonderful Hispanic cultural opportunities and events depending on when you go.
    There is an incredible zoo if you are into primates (non-human kind).
    Nature wise I tend to think more outside the city. I have seen a lot of bird diversity around the missions. If you go out of the city into the Hill-Country there are lots of fabulous landscapes, but that's if you are willing to get out of the city. There is underwater magic in San Marcos, one of the most beautiful underwater landscapes in America and all it takes is a pair of goggles and a bathing suit. Palmetto State Park is a decent place for wildlife. There are also several nice caves in the area.
  4. San Antonio has a really nice botanical garden, and the Japanese Sunken Garden is also very nice. Both are within the city. Given the recent very cold weather, at least cold for San Antonio, they may not be in the best shape at the moment, however.
  5. outside the city is good. we are going to carlsbad so driving isn't a problem. big bend is a stop also.
  6. Texas heritage is intertwined with the Alamo. Shooting that grand old mission can be daunting since it is in the midst of the City. However, it is one part of San Antonio which should be included in any photo opportunity. It is said that the ghosts of the defenders hover over the Alamo. That may or may not be true but, the spirit of the Alamo is alive in just about every Texan's heart.

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