Samsung 85F1.4 compared to Canon 135F2.0L

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  1. I finally found the basic physical specs on the Samsung 85mmF1.4 lens and since an 85mm F1.4 for the APC format is very close in perspective and depth-of-field to a full frame 135F2.0, it seems a good idea to compare it physically to the full-frame Canon 135F2.0 L lens (a lens which garners universal raves) below.

    Samsung 85F1.4:
    • weight: 1.57lbs (712 grams)
    • closest focus: 2.7 ft (.82 meters)
    • filter thread: 67mm
    • Max. Diameter x Length 79 x 92.2mm

    Canon 135F2.0 EOS L lens:
    • weight: 1.65lbs (750 grams)
    • closest focus: 3ft (.914 meters)
    • filter thread: 72mm
    • Dimensions (DxL) Approx. 3.2 x 4.4" (8.13 x 11.18cm)
    It remains to be seen of course, just how sharp the 85F1.4 lens is.
  2. Hi Fast,
    Any pictures at all to judge for the picture quality?
  3. 1. Samsung does not make, nor market, the lens you refer to. It is a Samyang that is also marketed under the Rokinon, Bower, and Vivitar brands.
    2. The Samyang lens is totally manual including focusing and exposure management.
    3. The Canon is a high-end "L" model with extremely quick AF. It also has a much different focal length.
    4. I don't quite understand the value of comparing these lenses to eachother. About the only similarities are their physical dimensions and that they both have EOS mounts.
    5. This is a Pentax forum; the thread should be moved to the Canon EOS forum.
  4. This should definitely be in the Canon forum. However:
    I don't believe that using FOV as a single reference point between 135 FF and 85 Crop to compare lenses is wise. There are so many factors for comparing lenses and bodies that it's enough to make your head spin.
    My advice is this... Rent the lenses you're interested in buying and shoot them. And shoot them. And shoot them. Get them for a week. And shoot them. Then compare them: How sharp they are, How fast they focused, How they rendered colors... But above all their usability FOR YOU. Reading sharpness charts on websites is great, but using lenses yourself is completely different. Then you can decide if you buy both, one, or neither.
  5. Starvy:
    I attempted to include the link where I found the data, but was blocked by's illegal promotion bots! The blogger where I picked up the data, merely handled it and eyeballed the results on the NX200 LCD screen. Email me directly if you want the link.
    1--incorrect, the Samyangs and etc. you're referring to differ from the Samsung (72mm filter threads versus 67mm, $300 price versus an $800 projected price by B&H, manual focus versus auto focus, and so on).
    3--the Canon 135L lens is a full 35mm frame lens, while the Samsung NX cameras are built around an APC digital format sensor with the well known crop factor of 1.5, thus 1.5 times 85mm = 127.5 full frame equivalent view. And calculation of the relative depth of fields are very close for both lenses wide open. Hence the functionality of the two lenses is almost exactly the same!
    4--incorrect, the Samsung 85mm is ONLY for the Samsung NX series cameras!
    5--correct, but this post is specific to Samsung, which as yet does not have it's own forum thread. Initial announcements about the Samsung NX cameras were posted on the Pentax forum because of an existing corporate tie between Pentax and Samsung (Samsung released some Pentax digital cameras and lenses under it's own name). Whether that is still the case, I don't know.
  6. So you are asking viewers of a Pentax forum to compare a Samsung lens for an NX mirrorless camera with a Canon L lens intended for a 135-format Canon camera.
    Sorry, I don't grasp the relevance or sense on any level. This thread should be closed.
  7. Michael,
    Prior to this thread, there were over 200 Pentax threads mentioning Samsung. Interestingly enough--you posted replies to 3 of them (again not including this one)! So how is it you fail to grasp the relevance of this thread?
    Until such time as the monitors see fit to create a new Samsung only forum, it's likely that Pentax will remain the defacto Samsung forum, if only by tradition.
  8. It would make sense if you were talking about the Samyang lens, since that one can be mounted on Canon full frame and crop bodies, and hence be directly compared to the Canon 135. You say the Samsung is only for a particular Samsung body, so there is no corelation to Canon.
    For awhile longer it looks like I will have one full frame body and one crop body. In the next few months I will be considering whether to get the 135/2 L or an 85/1.4 or 85/1.2, to use on each body. So far my preference appears to be the 135/2 L. I anticipate stage and sports photography rather than church wedding photography, hence the longer length.
  9. > Sorry, I don't grasp the relevance or sense on any level. This thread should be closed.
  10. I don't get this comparison...
    How would you compare lenses if they are not mounted on the same body?
  11. it


    this makes no sense

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