Sample images using 65mm?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by austinallen, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. I just purchased an old 65mm C lens off of ebay and was wondering if anyone had any images in your workspace using this same lens on an RB. I'm looking forward to shooting with it, I just want some ideas on the scale and scope this lens is able to capture. I with had a search option that allowed search by lens type!!
  2. The ultimate photographic cliche, taken with an RZ and a late-model 65, X1 green filter. Uncropped, no USM, a little curves to tame the contrast. 65 is a friendly focal length on 6 x 7-- easy to use.
  3. Nice shot! Would you say you're pretty happy with the lens? Up until now I've only had the 150mm soft focus lens which can be a bit restrictive so I'm pretty excited to see what the world looks like through the 65.
  4. Thanks Corey-- it's a picture that's been taken a hundred thousand times. The 65 is a nice focal length. To me it feels like a 'wide normal' and I find it easy to compose with it.
    Let us know how you get on with the new lens.
  5. Hi Corey,
    Well, the thread said 65, so I'll throw this one up with my 65-LA on the RZ. I like the 65 a lot. I can use my G3 bellows hood, it's very sharp, and as Dave said, on the wide-side of normal. A nice all-around focal length for my eye. It's bigger and heavier than the 110/2.8, but to me it's worth it. Have fun with your new lens and please report back with your findings.

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