Salary for photographer's Studio Manager

Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by kah_hoe_wan, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. What is the going yearly salary for studio managers in nyc? and what is the best way to look for me. Thanks
  2. KahHoe, I can't answer this, but I seem to recall an annual salary survey in Photo District News for various photography positions in various large cities. Have you checked the mag or their website?
  3. I found this using a Google Search............
    Looks like anywhere from $40k (avg) to $89k
  4. Depends on one's definition of "studio manager."
    Not all are created equal and not all have the same responsibilities.
  5. Studio Manager is one who will take care of the business side. Making sure releases are signed, files are in place, computer files are backed up, making sure all paper work is in order. Sometimes they double as an assistant.
    How much is a good starting price? And do you know a place to look for them?
  6. A studio manager is, fortunately or unfortunately, whatever the owner/photographer wants him/her to be. Period. And as such, depending on the role and responsibilities, the salary will vary. Studio managers at any serious and professional establishment rarely double as assistants - completely different skill-sets are required for the two roles! I would not want my assistant to handle my business affairs and would definitely cringe at the thought of my business accountant assisting me in a paid shoot.
    What you described is the work of a skilled secretary and not much else. I would expect my studio manager to take care of a lot more: dealing with suppliers and customers for all business aspects, managing ALL administrative tasks (including leasing, payments, insurance, releases), maintaining the site, handling non-creative customer requests and, depending on their technical expertise, manage and maintain the whole IT infrastructure (or manage the IT person).

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