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  1. Evidently there are two elevators in La Sagrada Familia which you ride up and walk down. If I have only time (and ticket) for one, does anyone have a recommendation for which one. Maybe neither? Any other La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi or Barcelona suggestions.

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    When I visited Barcelona the Sagrada Familia was covered in scaffolding to the point that I skipped it I did visit most of the other Gaudi buildings insofar as you can ( some are private residences). The one that stands out to me is the Casa Mila, right in the centre of town and particularly the rooftop.
  3. Hey, John. Don't know about the elevator question. I have been there a couple of times and lived there (my wife is from there) but don't remember the elevator question/decision being very significant. Maybe consider the sun angle based on when you plan to visit???
    Here is a link about some general Barcelona stuff to think about:
    I'll see if I can find the other discussion in which I mention a bunch of nice photo areas to visit. Basically, though, you really can't go wrong in Barcelona (elevators aside)--there is a whole lot to see and do. Don't miss the La Rambla-Barrio Gotico-Museu d'Art Contemporani zone for street photography, of course. Then there is the port/Barceloneta area--great at both sunrise and sunset. (Obviously, if you have been there before, you know all this already.) Have fun!
  4. Oh, and one more thing...I used to spend a lot of sunrises up in Parc Guell (Gaudi) at the crosses. Then I'd slowly walk down through the park to the main entrance as the sun rose higher. Great view of the city from the three crosses. From the metro stop Lesseps, the walk up to the crosses will take 20 minutes or so if you are in reasonable shape and don't get lost. You could also get a taxi to drop you off up there if you want to avoid the walk. There was talk about gating the park and setting an admission fee and hours for tourists--don't think they have done it yet, but ask at your hotel to be sure.
  5. The nave and other main interior areas were opened only within the last 2 years at the basilica. It is the most stunning interior space I've seen anywhere in the world. We spent 4 hours.
    Tickets should be purchased in advance on line--the queue outside can be hours long. We purchased via an iPhone from right outside the basilica and got in quickly, but we may have been lucky.
    The elevators you ask about are in the towers on different facades. The nativity facade is the one people are more familiar with and looks like sand castle drippings. The passion facade is on the opposite arm of the transept which has a completely different look. The sculpture and architecture is slightly more abstract and reminiscent of some of El Greco's figures. Both are spectacular. We ascended the elevator in the passion towers because we had no idea what the difference was. It was magnificent. And if you are physically able, walk down because there is lots more details, views and structural details to see on the way down. And though we didn't ascend the nativity towers, I am certain they are great also. You can't really go wrong.
    I would try to in by around 10:00am or so because the light hitting the stained glass on the passion facade streams in in magnificent colors if the sun is out (which it almost always is).
  6. There is a small pond in a park across the street that makes a nice foreground when shooting that side.
  7. Being from Barcelona I should remember the facade names better, but I will tell you that the best views of the city are from the towers in the south facing facade, whichever name it has. You get more city to the south of Sagrada Familia than to the north of it. Other than that I don't think there's a huge difference. So having been on top of both, and then having to choose, I would choose the south facing tower. But really, there's no way you can't go wrong! ;)
  8. Barcelona is amazing, beautiful place! Look at this photo down (I am no the one who took it). This is a Santa Caterina market in Barcelona, I saw it by accident. Was visiting my friend at his property in Spain and went for a walk one day and passed through this streets. It's really beautiful and worth a look. Plus in Barcelona there are a lot of modern buildings which are really beautiful and unusual.
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  9. Also very interesting spot to take really nice pictures in Barcelona is so called "La Barceloneta". It's on the sea shore and has a lot of different art objects.

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