Safari vehicle with superclamp and Gimbal

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  1. We are going on safari in South Africa in an open safari vehicle. Does anyone
    have any experience using the Bogen Superclamp mounted to the tubular safety
    bar in the particular with a Wimberly style Bogen 3421 Gimbal
    setup ? Is a leveling plate needed ? And how does the Bogen 3421 gimbal
    attatch to the superclamp ?
    Does the superclamp stay tight on the railing ?
    Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated !
  2. Most of my friends use a good bean bag; or a Gitzo explorer tripod (each leg can be adjusted independent of each other) and attach the gimbal head to it; or both. Check out George Lepp's web site and Andy Biggs web site and see if they have any recommendations. Joe Smith
  3. Personally, I'd much rather use a beanbag, especially if you have a stabilized lens (or lenses).
    Far less bulky and easier to use than a window mount, particularly if you want to switch
    windows, as it were.
  4. Clamping to any part ot the vehicle is bound to give you problens. If the engine is running the vibration will go directly to the camera. Even if it isn't, anyone moving around will still cause some blurring. I know that bean bags are often recommended, but I just used a folded up jacket to cushon my cameras in any type of Safari van. I tended to shoot from the lowest level possible for eye-level shots of lions and elephants. Only in tall grasses did I shoot from an open top, or from the highest seats of an open van.
  5. I have been on several African photographic safaris (these were organized for photogaphers) - twice to South Africa, once to Botswana, and twice to Kenya and Tanzania. Requirements for camera support/stabilization in Southern Africa are different from those in East Africa. Safari vehicles in East Africa are Toyota Land Cruisers or vans with sides, windows and roof hatches. You can lay your bean bag on the window sill or the frame of the roof hatch. In Southern Africa safari vehicles are open Land Rovers with no sides. There I use a monopod for my 300/2.8LIS; a tripod with a Gimbal Head for my 500/4LIS; and hand-hold everyting else of smaller size and lesser weight.

    For an excellent discussion of the different requirements for wildlife photography in East Africa vs Southern Africa check out this website:

    I am constantly amazed at the variety of raptors in South Africa.

    Happy shooting.
  6. Here's a picture of the open Land Rover we used in South Africa and Botswana las September.
  7. Might I suggest the Beanpod as a beanbag? GBP 9.99 from
    Cheers, Mark.

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