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  1. Hello everyone,
    My name is Andrew Jessup and a i currently reside in Sacramento, California. I recently moved here from Culpeper, Virginia. I am a nature photographer who has relocated to a city making things interesting. I have two dogs and a cat who will be getting there pictures up here soon. I am interested in learning more in the field of macro animal/insect/flower which i just purchased the Nikor 85mm DX macro and it is working wonderfully. The only site or display is my photo net currently and thanks for your time rating my photo's but a little more in depth critique would be nice so shoot on over and let me know what you think.
    Andrew Jessup
  2. riz


    Hi Andrew.
    Welcome to PN and good luck in your photography :)
    Greeting from Karachi, Pakistan.
  3. Hi Andrew.... Welcome to PN. Regarding your comment on "sketchy" critiques I have noticed on PN that those who actually ask questions relating to their critique submission are those who receive more meaningfull responses. So my advice would be to post an image that you have issues with and ask how you could correct it or shoot it better next time. You will glean a wealth of information.
  4. Welcome to PN, Andrew. This site is an amazing resource for photographers of al levels. The more you contribute, the more you benefit. And hello from just north of you . . . I'm in Chico.
  5. Robert is correct. The best thing to do in any community is to be known as one of the "givers". It will come back to you much greater than the energy you put in.
    Welcome to!

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