S5 Pro vs D300

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by grphotos, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Fujifilm S5 Pro or Nikon D300?

    Has anyone here compared the two or have shot both? Can you give some insight
    on your preferences?
  2. Greg,

    In a nutshell, the comparison is usually between the S5 Pro and the D200. The S5 Pro is built on the D200 body. Generally, I have read that the Fuji has the advantage of a wider dynamic range and cleaner, higher ISO Shots. The D200 is faster auto focus and faster frames per second. Probably, the D300 would blow the Fuji out of the water, except for the wider dynamic range.

    I have never owned the Fuji, but would love to have one.

  3. "...I have never owned the Fuji, but would love to have one."
    That is until you are sitting there waiting for the screen to load up your last shot to check it out.
    It is very slow in many respects - esp when shooting RAW. Way too irritating after using the D200 for over a year.
  4. i'd take a look at ken rockwell site for an opinion on what the s5 can and cannot do. he also has some new d300 shots posted. in almost all respects, the d300 seems to be the better camera.
  5. mjt


    i have the S5 and D200 and when it comes to
    * pleasing color reproduction<br>
    * high-ISO, low noise<br>
    * wide DR<br>

    the S5 runs circles around the D200. i cant provide any comparison between the S5 and D300, but that would be an interesting comparo.

    i'm waiting on my D3 and had a D300 on order too, but i've dropped the D300 in favor of another D3 body. i'm sure the D3 will outperform the S5 for weddings, which is why i'll be getting a second D3.
  6. I have all of the above. For shooting weddings, the S5 beats the D200 in low light situations however the low noise comes with a price: the Fuji NR algorithms crush detail, IMO. The S5 is slow, but if you shoot JPEG, it's okay. It also helps to stop the habit of shoot and chimp. I find I take more time with it, as if I were shooting film.

    The D300 is in a different league in many respects: speed, LCD, live view, AF, MP's, etc. It's ISO performance is close to the S5 with better detail preservation, IMO. D300 is a great camera!
  7. I know that the S5 Pro have the better dynamical range of the entire DSLR world, but the 12 MP came out for interpolation. The 12 MP of the Nikon D300 are true, but the dynamical range is less interesting.
    To you the choose...
  8. Like someone mentioned earlier ken rockwell explains all. If you mainly shoot weddings then purchase the fuji S5 but if you are a lanscape photographer then purchase the D200. I personally think the D300 is not worth the extra money. I would wait awhile until it becomes full frame then it would be a true upgrade. Anyone that already owns a D200 in my opinion would be wasting there money upgrading to the D300 as i think it wont be too lond before they make the D300 full frame and call it D300x or D400 etc. I owned the S2 pro and have just purchased the D200 which i think is an amazing bit of kit.
  9. I have the S5pro

    Pro S5pro
    * The S5pro is cheaper
    * Has the BEST DR of any DSLR camera
    * Has Amazing skin tones straight from Jpg
    * High ISO is Super if you look at it as a 6MP camera.

    I dont have a D300 yet. But will be getting one to replace my D70 which I will probably convert to an IR camera.
  10. pav


    I honestly don't know what's the fuss about Nikon D300. I can't find bad word about it anywhere on the internet. I have been Fuji Pro user for awhile now. I used S1 back in the day and S2 for last 3 years. I bought Nikon D300 week ago and I am not impressed at all. The white balance struggles in almost every situation. Skin colours are very cold and greyish in the daylight. It's not easy to use at all and to get a decent picture quickly is a pain in the ass. I wish I bought S5 instead - maybe when you used D200 before or even older nikons you are used to all those things but for me - old Fuji user D300 doesn't do what it supposed to.....Quality photographs. Pav

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