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  1. I got an original Zenza Bronica neck strap for my S2A camera and am having problems attaching it. The manual says to just push it in and it should attach, but it doesn't. I'm wondering if I either have the wrong kind of strap, or it's missing a part, or whether I just don't understand something.
    I googled for images of a S2A with strap and thought I saw some kind of black part which neither my strap or camera does not have, so maybe that's the problem? This is the picture I found: [​IMG]
    Here's a picture of the strap I bought, and of my camera.
  2. This is the kind of neackstrap that has a little spring inside to fix the neckstrap button to the pin on the camera. Maybe these springs are loose or even missing.
  3. There are three small springs inside the neckstrap button, and when tested with a pen, they move, opening and closing. But I can see nothing that would keep the springs closed. The button seems to fit in the strap lug, though.
  4. I read somewhere that the strap lugs were changed somewhere during the S2A production cycle. So maybe this strap just isn't supposed to fit my camera ?
  5. This strap lug appears similar to that used on medium-format Pentaxes. Whith those, the part connected to the strap has a sliding latch that when pushed in locks it on the camera's post. In your illustration the strap lug does seem to have a separate piece at the very end that might be such a latch. Try pushing that inward toward the recess and see if that works.
  6. Actually I have a Pentax 6x7 camera and strap. I tried the Pentax strap on my Bronica already earlier, and it did not fit. It looked like it might, but the size was different though the system was very similar.
    On this strap I now have, I just can't find anything to slide in or out. I've attached some more close-uppish shots of the strap here (somewhat fuzzy; I never figured out how the close-up in my Canon Powershot S2 IS compact digital camera is supposed to work, the pictures are always out of focus).
  7. I found another oddity: I searched eBay and there was someone selling his S2A and stuff; and his camera body strap lugs have the "wings" that even the manual is talking about, but mine doesn't - and it doesn't look like they've been removed either but more like they never existed! So is this the strap lug change that apparently happened sometime during the S2A production cycle and I'm really having the wrong kind of strap, and where can I get one that fits?
    Here's the picture:
  8. Well, I contacted Koh's Camera and they said my S2A body is the newer variety while the strap is for the older S2A, S2 and C bodies. And they sold me a strap that will fit my S2A body so all should be good after the delivery companies do their part :)
  9. Glad you got it resolved. And now we're better informed about Bronica S series neck strap hardware!
  10. Yes, I have a habit of posting on the Internet about things that I discover, mostly actually for selfish reasons; more than once I've researched something, and after a couple of years forget what I discovered and have to go and search for it again - so I make it easy on myself by posting the answer on the Internet for myself to find later :) It's a nice bonus if it helps others, too.

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