S2 lens focusing distances

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  1. I am interested in the 135 and 200mm Nikkor, and 150mm Zenzanon lenses. I have been unable to find out what is the minimun focusing distance of these lenses? I found one page listing all the Nikkor lenses but it was in Japanese, and at least after Google translation I got a good laugh, but not what I was looking for :) So anyone know?
    One of the things I would use the lenses for is head and shoulders portraits, so being able to focus at least that close would be good. Or do I have to use a close-up filter (such as the Pentax #T226) ?
  2. 135mm focuses down to 3.3 feet.
    200mm focuses down to 10.2 feet without the close up filter and 5.4 feet with the close up filter that originally came with the lens.
    I'm not sure about the Zenzanon 150mm.
  3. Ok, thanks!
    Now I think I need to get a Pentax #T226 or equivalent high-quality close-up lens with 67mm thread from somewhere... bhphotovideo used to sell the Pentax lens, but not anymore and eBay is empty, so is KEH...
  4. Ah, found a nice set of extension tubes instead. I'll think I'll stick to using extension tubes and one of the 135-150-200mm lenses for now, then (as soon as I get a lens bought as well, of course ;)

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