S2 Died....What would you buy for Weddings and Social....?

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by simon_cook, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. My two S2's that I have had for five years are close, I feel to death, with bits falling off, The never ending need to charge and buy two
    different batteries is taking its toll on me!
    Now..........Im in the market for a camera. For me natural looking skin tones is my main wish from a camera. I shoot both Weddings and
    work for a Society magazine (balls,dinners,catwalk shows, fairs, parties etc),

    I do have a few Nikon lenses but am looking at a fresh new start.

    Thanks for your time.
  2. D300 is a great great canera, and if you have lenses that you are happy with, why start over?
  3. How amazing is that.......Been on forums all morning and got it my head to buy D300.
    A wise choice me thinks at this moment in time.
  4. Simon, the D700 was just announced, which may serve your purposes even better depending on your budget.

    Take a look at the Nikon forum here for more details.
  5. I spotted the D700. I got six weddings between now and when then comes out.

    How does that work with lenses that I already have.....17-55mm and 80-200mm AF-S?
    Does the D700 automatically crop and like the D3? Do you need to buy the new 24-70mm FX lens to get the most from the
  6. I'd buy D300s or, if you can hold out and can justify the price, D700s. I'd want the extra resolution for large group shots.

    But if you like Fuji DSLRs, you could get S5s:

  7. I have an S3 for sale . . .
  8. Not to make too fine a point of it; by why not the S5 Pro? I purchased one knowing the D300 was coming, and I have
    regrets. Can't blow up as much or crop as much - but I believe the DR is still superior and the color quality is top notch. I
    do wish the AF was a little better, and more speed would be nice, but what it does, it does well.

    My next camera may be a D700.

  9. oops - no regrets that is, I have no regrets.
  10. I still love Fuji Pro sensors. The S5 Pro is a huge step up from the S2 Pro, so give it a chance and look at least look at it. I shoot with an S2 Pro personally, and the studio I work for upgraded to the S5 Pro's last year. As the retoucher/computer geek here, I can see a HUGE difference.
  11. I also would say the Fuji S5. I am looking at them now to replace my S3's. The display is alot larger than the S3 which is awesome.
  12. another s5 pro vote here. cheap and produces brilliant color! it has significantly reduced my post production time!
  13. For your lenses and current position, the D300... used would be a great deal.

    Best, D
  14. I have an S2 that I am going to be upgrading soon also. I get amazing images, but I'm ready to jump ship. Fuji will always be a step (or more) behind Nikon.
    The D300 has blown away the S5 in so many ways. And since I shoot entirely RAW, I'm not as concerned about blowing out high values in my images.
    I only own one lens as well, and I may opt for the D700 and start fresh, with new lenses. And yes, the D700 will auto detect the DX lenses (you will see a rectangle in the viewfinder that indicates the area of coverage).

    I will more than likely hang on to my S2 as a second camera. But there are so many reasons to jump the Fuji ship: Faster autofocus, faster frame rate, greater buffers, better flash syncing with speedlights, better software, quicker product releases.

    I would recommend D300 or D700 (with battery pack you can get 8 fps too)
  15. But the best - the D3!
  16. I may have a 2 month old D300 for sale at a good price. It has an optional Brightscreen magnifier installed.

    Marc at:

    fotografz at comcast dot net

    Off on vacation until the 9th, but will have spotty internet access.
  17. I would go with the S5. No learning curve, great much improved camera and you can still use Nikon lenses.

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