RZ67 and Polaroid Type 55

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by paul_sharratt, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Which polaroid type back do I need to shoot type 55 (B&W pos/neg) with the RZ67?
  2. I use the standard RZ polaroid back and it works fine. Remember you will need to wash the negative in a sodium sulfite solution to get rid of the blue dye in the film portion.
  3. Are you talking about the single shot type 55 in individual envelops that you slip into a back?
    If yes, then there is no pre-made back to load that into a RZ. The back for type 55 is the various versions of the 545 back which slips into the graflock/international back of 4X5 cameras.
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    As Danny mentioned type 55 single sheet film for for 4x5 with the Polaroid 545 adapter. What you want is type 665 with is also black & white positive/negative film and use the appropriate back for your RZ, (I use a Hasselblad so I don't know the part for the RZ). The only problem is that both Type 55 and 665 are discontinued (in fact all Polaroid film). You can find it at very high prices on the auction site. You can also check Polar Premium (www.polapremium.com) which still carries Polaroid film. The other option is Fuji but there is no positive/negative film, just positive. I've recently been trying out the FP-100C45 and FP-100B45 (for 4x5). Fuji also makes 600 type film, (FP-100c color 100 and FP-100b b+w 100).
    Good luck.

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