RZ67 140MM M MACRO F/4.5 L-A

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by stu dall, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. I have searched pretty extensively, but can only find information on how to use the 140mm macro lens without the floating element.
    I would be really grateful if someone could possibly talk me through focusing etc, both with and without the extension tubes. I have the original RZ67 Lens manual, but again, this has no mention of focusing using the floating element.
  2. Stu -
    Step 1 - Rotate the foucs ring to focus the lens where you want it.
    Step 2 - When focused, note the subject distance and then rotate the floating ring (with distance scale) and align the same value as that on the lens with the center hash mark (white).
    Step 3 - Do not expect to really see much in the viewfinder of the 'optimization', as it is very subtle to nearly impossible to see. Just re-confirm focus has not been bumped by your nasty fingers and take the shot.
    When the floating ring is rotated, part of the internal lens system moves back & forth. That's all there is to it.
    While I have this on another Mamiya lens, not the 140, to be honest I have been hard pressed to see the true advantage although Mamiya and various internet sites claim a substantial peripheral/edge image quality boost. Might be my old eyeballs?
    Good luck - Jim M.
  3. Hi Stu,
    the first thing to do is to focus as normal. Then read the mm extension from the bellows scale.
    Now, I believe, there are four sets of mm scales on the ring, the first one is for the lens alone, the second for the lens plus extension ring #1 and the third for the lens plus extension ring #2 and the fourth for the lens with both extension rings.
    Depending on your setup, use the setting on the correct scale on the focus ring and dial in the mm you read from the bellows first.
  4. Hi Stuart

    I found the full user manual on the net some where, there are some 12 plus pages, to many to type in. This lens, properly used, is very sharp right to the very edges. It is close to and possibly better then my Mamiya 7. What I am trying to impart is that it is worth going to a lot of trouble to learn how to use this lens and itโ€™s extension tubes. The instruction given above while close are not those given by Mamiya, also there DOF tables which are a good starting point. A tip for when you want to get the best out of this lens, get a 10 x better yet 15x loupe, I use a less costly Peak.

    Best Regards,

  5. Thanks to the 3 of you, and Rob, I think you're right. I searched and searched for a freebee, but it looks like i'll have to spend out on a maual to get the best from the lens. Many thanks again. Stu.
  6. Stuart, I just got a 140 also and I called mamiya tech support and they email me the 140 and both ext tubes info sheets in pdf form and that helped me a lot, John
  7. John, can you send me copies? schristi69@yahoo.com
  8. Scott I will be glad to send you a copy, no problem John
  9. John or Scott, I just received my RZ Pro II kit today with the 140 and no manual. Would either of you please be kind enough to send this to me?
    I am also looking for manuals for the T/S adapter and the Polaroid 720 back.
    Thanks so much if you can!!!
  10. Scott or John -
    In case you are still reading this thread, could you email me those PDFs as well? I will be a new RZII user in the next week or so, but this is the lens I will be obtaining next. Thank you.

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