RZ 50mm ULD worth the extrat money

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by danny_liao, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. I've search the data place but came up empty. I'm in need of a 50mm
    lens for my RZ. I am just wondering if the ULD is worth the extra
    cash. Many say the ULD is much sharper compared to the non ULD. I
    currently have a 65mm (non L/A version) and in my opinion, it's damn
    sharp. Is the non ULD 50mm just as sharp or should I go with the ULD?
  2. Hi Danny,
    Actually I don't have this lens yet, but I suggest you go for the 50 ULD, it is sharper by far compared to the non ULD according to lots of people. Eventhough it is more expensive, it is worthed for the money. I heard that the non ULD is not that sharp and dissapointed some users. If you have the money, just go for the newer 50 ULD.

    best regards,

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