RX100 M3 White Balance Settings

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  1. After a number of years using mostly auto white balance I've starting using more manual settings on my Nikon D40 and D7000. I've recently bought a Sony RX100M3 but searched in vain for anything in the instruction manual which would tell me what the various white balance settings mean in terms of degrees K or what the trim control does in terms of mired shift.

    The free Capture One Sony provides this information if you shoot in raw so I thought I'd pass it on in case anyone is interested.

    Colour temp. of common presets with my mired conversions :-

    Daylight 5349 K (187 mired)
    Shade 7607 K (131 mired)
    Cloudy 6162 K (162 mired)
    Tungsten 2831 K (353 mired)
    Flash 7215 K (139 mired) - seems very high

    Now the trims:-

    Daylight +A2 trim 5983 K (-20 mired)
    Daylight +A4 trim 6826 K (-41 mired)
    Daylight +A6 trim 7897 K (-60 mired)

    So a shift of one moves the mireds by 10.

    I'm hoping that trims to Cloudy and Shade do the same thing.

    For any Nikon users, Nikon claim that a trim change of one corresponds to a shift of 5 mired so the Sony is double.

    By the way I find the camera is good but the instruction manuals are really bad. I can't find anything about flash sync or what shutter speed I need to use to capture most of the flash energy in S mode for example.

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