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  1. Bicycle
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  4. SCL


    Nikon with a Kiron zoom f/5.6
  5. Train bridge rivet.
  6. What I would primarily consider, when I look at a photo, and try to decide on whether it is "abstract" or not, would be what I see first - or maybe a little later on.
    David's first image seems to me as abstract - and only later I see the teeth of an iron wheel (Personally I would desaturate it by around 50%, but that's just me). However, David's second image is for me a rusted ship and nothing else (I like the photo, by the way).
    Also Tim's "rusty the rivet" (despite the title) I experience, at an immediate glance, as somewhat abstract, maybe due to the short depth of the image.
    When it comes to Stephen's image of the iron "Walkway Flexibility in wetlands" I indeed see what we all see, an iron ..... (have no idea what such a thing is called in English) and not abstract at all - and yet, maybe because of the stark contrast between the rusty iron and wooden planks of the walkway, it does have some abstraction qualities to it, if you half close an eye.

    Just my impressions.
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    I think Anders is right. I saw "rust" I did not register "abstract" . So you got a picture of a ship.
    If I have time today I'll look for something more appropriate to the forum.
  8. Also Tim's "rusty the rivet" (despite the title)...​
    Anders, that's how I express derision over the same concerns you've expressed here about abstracts.
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  10. I'm not sure what category this one should go in, whether it's rust, mixed media, found art or what. But here is a tool I found many years ago and have kept ever since because of its abstract qualities. The harmonious design just happens to be in keeping with its function.
  11. If there will be endless quibbles over what is, or is not, "abstract"
    You say either and I say either,
    You say neither and I say neither
    Either, either Neither, neither
    Let's call the whole thing off.​
    Maybe this was not a "good" idea, after all.
  12. JDM, farmed Austrian rust is impure. You should only get the wild free range Vermont variety, which is certified to be free of added hormones.
  13. Horizontal rust.
  14. Vertical Rust

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