Russia in color, a century ago

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  2. Jay, I am sure I have seen a link to these images before, perhaps even a few months ago when published in a different publication. However, the sheer quality of them is astounding and well worth a second, third and maybe numerous looks! So thanks for posting again!
  3. A very interesting compilation. A lot of good feedback out there. Thanks a lot! You can see the great country which used to occupy 1/6th of Earth's land - and Finland, Ukraine, Middle Asia and Georgia (yes, it all was Russia, too). Unrestricted ares, fields, rivers, lakes with crystal-clear water, signs of embryonic industry, poor peasants - all is of great interest.
  4. Jay, thanks for posting this. I have a book called "Photographs for the Tsar" of this guy's work. I was stunned when I saw those but these reproductions are even more vivid and beautiful (different photos than I had seen before). The book I have has some photos where the three colors align properly, but others where the colors don't quite overlap (like #27 here). When the colors are in the right alignment, the result is stunning, even today but much more for 100 years ago. I'd love to see an exhibit of modern, digital prints made from these plates. I suspect the reason for the more vivid color here is some digital processing. Still, I do not know when technicolor was first developed, but I always thought this guy was supposed to have been the first color photographer. Does anyone know?

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