RRS B2-Pro LR clamp suitable for LF use?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by stefan_dalibor, Nov 27, 2002.

  1. Anybody using the Really Right Stuff B2-Pro LR lever action quick release clamp under an LF camera?<br>
    Would this clamp be sufficient, say, for an Arca Swiss F-Line with normal to medium weight lenses attached (210mm Sironar S, Fujinon C 450mm or similar)?<br>
    Or would the standard B2-Pro (maybe even the long L version) with screw fixation be more suitable in this case?<p>Thanks, Stefan
  2. Most likely, yes.

    I'm not sure about the new quick release clamp, but judging from past quality in RRS design and manufacturing I find it hard to believe that RRS would make an inferior product. As for clamp length, I find the standard size to be sufficient - for field use the 80mm clamp will just add extra weight.
  3. Bought one & it seems more than adequate for my heaviest setup, a Wista VX, Fuji 400mm f/8 "T", folding monocular viewer & Quantum radio slave. That's a sprawling eight pounds+ with no problem, and I'd expect it is fine for all but say a gigantic copal 3 telephoto with tons of bellows draw. Much as I like this clamp, it won't stop me from buying a Novoflex Q-Base when that's available, which could be months. I played with a prototype, and not only is it stronger but you can do the affair with one hand. They both have an intermediate phase where you can move the clamp around a bit, but it seems to me that I could accidentally get the plate out of the RRS design whereas that didn't seem possible with the Q-Base. I also like that it makes a sound like the Bogen hex-type clamp when affixed. I'll relocate this B2 LR from atop my Linhof levelling head & put it on a flash bracket.

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