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Discussion in 'Aerial and Drone' started by Andrew Garrard, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Hi all.

    I'm relatively new to trying to fly a quad that's able to go more than a thirty seconds walk from where I'm standing - the biggest thing I'd flown until recently was a Sympathetic X5C (which is just about okay in a moderate wind), but I now have a Mavic.

    I'm thinking to go for a fly near my sister's house, since she's in rural Wales and I'm almost under the London exclusion zone. For cost, safety and not littering reasons, I'd like to plan a flight so if I have a failure, I can always retrieve it - which may not be trivial in very hilly areas. I mostly trust everything to be solid, but a Mavic doesn't have the redundancy of a commercial octorotor, and if I somehow have a prop fall off I'd rather play it safe.

    Other than staring closely at Google earth, does anyone have good suggestions of how to route plan conservatively?
  2. Oops. "Sympathetic"? Syma. Damn you autocorrect.
  3. Well, that answers my question about how active this forum is. :)

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