``Round`` DoF

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by luis triguez, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Obviously I am not any kind of specialist in photographical machines. Any body can tell me the reason for this ``round`` DoF? Yashica Mat 124 G . Agfapan 100
  2. Subject (plant, leaves) movement in the out of focus area?

    Whatever it is, it sure beats all photoshop movement/radial blur!

    I will be loading up some Orthopan 25 soon on a 6x9 rangefinder, Luis. That is going to be fun.
  3. Thanks Vivek. We`ll wait for those giant fretfully!
  4. It's not DOF, it's what we call "bad bokeh". But my Yashinon's picture don't look anything like this. Weird. f/3.5, 1/2 sec.
  5. Bueh. Same film same camera same day. Diferent bo-ke
  6. Is there water flowing in the background?
  7. Charles, There was a sunny day. The only thing I remember is that I placed a close-up filter on the taking lens in all the roll. Here an other one.
  8. I used to see this on photos that I took with my Great Wall DF-4. I never could figure out what it was. Sometimes you'd look at a photo and get dizzy.
  9. The shape of the bokeh is caused by the pattern of leaves in the background. The second, "Same film same camera same day. Diferent bo-ke" picture shows how: watch how the 'husks' begin to show a similar pattern as soon as they 'disappear' in unsharpness.

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