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  1. 0370a Tejados y Barco Draga de Succión-RíoTajo NAFS18-105VR.jpg Nikkor AF-S 18-105 DX (105)
  2. More Whitby rooftops
    WhitbyRooftops_P1020362-499 (1 of 1).jpg
  3. In isolated pockets, like my home area, ancient plurals like rooves still linger on.
    Here are some rooves at Cuzco, Peru.
  4. IMG_0017.JPG
    Canon PowerShot G12.
  5. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

  6. EPSN1768_Ni852_g.1BCWGBCuCoRma33.JPG
    Epson R-D1, Nikkor-P.C 1:2 f=8,5cm LTM (1953)
  7. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    K3 64 03 - 110_1210 - TONY0562a - roofs.jpg

    Chesterfield Cottages, Cromer

    Plus, in the background, Cromer Peregrine nest site (may have other uses).


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