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  1. I'm going to be buying a rolling case here soon and looking for some insight from those that use a rolling style camera case. I'm looking at the Lowepro x200 , x300 and a few different Thinktank cases. I'm going to be calling B&H and Thinktank to ask questions but I wanted to get some feed back from those of you that are using one currently.
    The gear that will be going into the case is as follows.
    2x D300's with grips
    300mm on the camera "main lens"
    Nikon flash
    Quantum Flash if it will fit
    Quantum power pack
    Pocket wizards
    wet weather gear
    and other goodies.
    If anyone has a list of gear close to this, what case are you using to get it all around in? And do you have any pro's and con's about the one that you have or have tried?
    My first concern is to make sure that the case is big enough to get it all in to keep from carrying multiple bags to game locations.
  2. Maybe instead of a rolling case you need a light weight, folding dolly. I found an excellent one on line for around $35. (Magnacart on Amazon) It is very sturdy. Another thing is that the roll-on's vibrate like crazy on uneven surfaces. Larger, softer wheels are important.
  3. Like Alan, I got a folding dolly.
    case is big enough to get it all in to keep from carrying multiple bags​
    Just be careful that you don't exceed the the size limits for standard carry-on. One advantage of backpacks and shoulder bags is that there sometimes is more leeway on the very small feeder jets that now serve so many of us.
  4. Thanks for the responses so far. However, in this case a folding dolly is not an option. My current camera bag is not large enough to carry all my gear in one bag and I need to get a larger bag to carry everything together. The Lowepro x300 and the Thinktank Airport Security V2.0 are looking to be my best options right now.And both are airport friendly in the event that I need to fly with my bag in the future.
    If anyone has any other suggestions or bits of info to help please let me know
  5. Hi David,
    The Pro Roller X300 is not considered carry-on size, however the X200 is, for most airlines.
    Maury Cohen, Product Specialist - Lowepro/Daymen US
  6. I have a ThinkTank Airport TakeOff, which I love. Made well. Well cushioned. Can function (like the LowePro) as a backpack, as well as a roller, but without needing to be removed from a case. My only complaint is the lack of an integrated lock, which the Airport Security has.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the input.

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