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  1. I've recently become interested in vintage cameras, but know very little about them. I've
    bought several, including a Rollex 20 by the United States Camera Co. Not sure of it's age,
    but it's in such nice condition I'm guessing it may be the 40's. It looks like it takes 120
    film, but I saw one on e-Bay that said 620. I can't find any info when I Google it, except for
    ones on e-Bay. Any input about this camera? Thanks. ~Dee
  2. Many old cameras which were made to take 620 can still fit a 120 roll on the "giving" end but not the "receiving" end. Give it a try...if it works just make sure the lab saves your 620 spool for the next time, that is if you don't process your own film. Some cameras, such as the "Foldex 20" (also sold by Sears with the Tower brand name) were made to accept both 120 and 620 film. Places like J and C sell 120 on 620 spools, but they are a bit pricey.
  3. Hi Dee,

    It was made in 1950 and was not very well made. Collectors catalogs value it at 8 to 15 dollars. The company was in Chicago but most of the cameras were made in Japan and a couple of real cheapies were made in Germany.

  4. Thanks Lynn and Jon. Your answers helped a lot. I think I read somewhere the Rollex 20
    was also sold under the Foldex 20 name. The one I have seems to accept 120 and 620
    spools, so it makes sense that it was designed that way. Nice to know that it's a 50's
    vintage. I'm sure it was cheaply made as there's absolutely no controls. You just go click
    and hope for the best, which is what I plan to do. ~Dee
  5. If your Rollex 20 is the same as the Foldex 20 you will certainly have some fun with it...I have taken some great "vintage" looking photos with mine on cheap and easy to find 120 film. My favorite film for that particular camera is Fuji Acros 100, as it has a white backing paper and is easiest to read through the red window.
  6. As far as I can tell, your Rollex 20 is virtually identical to the Foldex 20. I have a Foldex 20 which belonged to my father. It's in immaculate condition, right down to the leather carrying case with strap, although the eye level viewfinder is a bit cloudy. Mine apparently takes 120 film (as well as 620).
    You can find an online manual for it in PDF format here:
    I also disagree with the statement that the cameras were "not very well made." It's a sturdy little camera with an all metal body

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