Rolleikin for a Rolleiflex T

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by aurora_ua, May 14, 2014.

  1. I have a Rolleiflex T2 model and I wanted to get a Rolleikin for it.
    Most of the ones on ***bay don´t seem to have the exposure counter knob.
    Is that needed for this model?
  2. To use a Rolleikin you will always need a Rolleikin counter knob regardless of the camera model. Rolleikin sets with and without the knob have been made. The sets without the knob are meant for cameras that are already fitted out with a suitable knob. Some camera series left the factory with the knob, other cameras had one fitted later on.
  3. Hm... I have a spare knob but it only works some of the time. They are really quite finicky, as to the counter running, and actually releasing the film transport. My though is that for all the extra hassle what you get is a fine medium format camera made into a clunky 35mm camera with only one lens. Save your money!

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