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    A few years ago I acquired a Rolleiflex from my Grandpa. I had it fixed/cleaned out by a local photography shop who charged about £100 for it all. The camera has far more sentimental value than anything else, but I'm doing an inventory of my collection and I'm stuck at recognising my particular model. I enjoy collecting but I'm a newbie when it comes to recognising serial numbers, etc. Wondered if somebody could help me? Also, if they could give an indication to value (both what is expected and what it will actually sell for as I know there's always a difference).

    Thankyou. I've hopefully attached the photos correctly!

  2. 1.65 million will make it a 2.8E.

    The 2.8E is not as desirable as the 2.8F, but still a great camera and the condition overall looks good.

    Price wise, I think it would be a steal at $400 USD and a slow mover at $700. That should give you some idea. The lens can make some difference also, with Zeiss lenses typically carrying a premium(although the Schneider lenses are often better). I'd expect a Zeiss lens at the higher end of that price range.

    I know you said it has sentimental value, something which I understand very much, but PM me if the numbers above overcome your sentimental value :)
  3. The 2.8 E was made between October 1956 and September 1959,your one is a late model as the serial numbers went up to1,665,999.I cannot see the lens because of the cover but if a Planar it would sell for more but I have a fondness for the Xenotar. Keep it and use it you can get high resolution scanners now for very reasonable prices especially second hand.They were built to last and are popular, the price? as much as someone is willing to pay!.Check E Bay for a few months and get the average price and list a starting price but beware there are a lot of crooks out there,I would try to sell on forums like this.
    Best of luck,
  4. As l look at the camera after being CLAed, externally the camera looks pretty rough and would not fetch a premium price. I would just keep the camera and use it. Rolleis are very rugged cameras, can take a lot of abuse and are capable of wonderful pictures.

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