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  1. I took the scissors off the old Rollei strap to use them with a new and modern nylon strap. However, I
    realized I won't be able to regulate the strap length unless the adjustment system is the same as the
    original (or Luigi's).

    Is there any strap with this system so I could use the scissor clips? Or is there a way to modify a regular
    strap to fit them?
  2. Luigi is now making Rolleiflex straps using buyer-supplied Rollei clips. You can either ask
    him to make you an adjustable strap, or ask for one made to a specific length. I can't
    guarantee that he'll do a custom job for you, but he has been very accommodating with me in
    the past.

    If not that, consider the Op/Tech straps with the cord connectors. They loop in between the
    posts on the Rolleiflex TLR. They're very comfortable, though not nearly as beautiful as what
    Luigi makes.
  3. I really like Luigi's strap but it's it costs too much for me, and having to send the scissors to
    Italy is a hassle (I'm rather impatient). But yes, it's the most beautiful strap I've seen in a

    I read a lot about OpTech straps, but I really want to use the scissor clips.
  4. I've had good success by simply drilling out the old rivets on the scissors ends and re-riveting a new strap in place - taping around the rivets to prevent scratching. A very cheap, quick, and easy fix.
  5. The original poster was concerned about adjusting the length of the strap, something you can't do if you just rivet the scissor clips onto a nylon strap. What I did waas have the clips riveted to two short lengths of a cheap generic nylon strap. I buckled those two pieces to a Dompke Gripper strap, using the plastic buckles that came with that strap. This allows for adjusting the length atr both ends. Any brand of strap with buckles would do--I just happen to like the Dompke.
  6. An Op-Tech strap with flat ends would work. You would rivet the strap ends to the clips. You wouldn't need the buckles used to form loops and could trim and sear the ends to prevent fraying. The main length adjustments in the Op-Tech are above the quick clips.
  7. I had a local leather worker reproduce my 2.8 E strap using the original aligator clips and buckle plus add a wider slip-on leather shoulder pad for less than $30 Canadian. He did an extremely professional job. He does the custom work himself so it took about two weeks but he used the same thickness and quality of leather so it should last for another 50 years. The rivets are perfect. He is Jamie Hartling in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, web site:
  8. Hugh, that strap looks great! Too bad I live in South America and the shipping would cost
    higher than the strap itself. ;)

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