rolleiflex standard hard to turn focus knob

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by dorucutate, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Hello everybody,I recently bought a Standard that was not in very poor condition but dried grease aperture and time setting levers very hard to turn,focusing knob completely stuck.I dissolved a bit the grease from time setting and aperture injecting some paint thinner with a syringe and then some watchmaker oil.Now works but not as it should and that is because I don't know how to get to the mechanism its self.(My guess is by unscrewing the two stainless rings around the lenses,but I don't have the tool for it).Anyway my main problem is about focusing button.I have removed the front panel(lenses and shutter) then the second one and get to the gear mechanism.Cleaned it and relube it and put it back.Also cleaned and lubricated the four screw like pinions which actually move the front panel.Then I have removed the focus knob and the side panel and after that the focusing gear cleaned and relube it and reassembled all back together.I turned it before I put the front panel back on and works very,very smoothly.The front panel slides very easily on to the second one when not screw with the four screws. But when the front panel is screw back the focus knob turns a lot more harder.I remove it and put it back a dozen times and every time is the same story.It's very frustrating because I just can't figure it out what might be the problem.(The camera does not have any sign that could indicate that it was dropped).Thank you for your time and hope for an answer.Doru.
  2. I removed the front of one of these a while back and found that you have to reassemble it with the four screws in just the right orientation for it to work smoothly. Sorry I can't say exactly how to do this but I did get mine back eventually, probably more by luck than judgement.
  3. Yes, I know that John and I did it the right way.There are 4 small pins on the back of the front panel which goes into the small slots of every one of those four screw like rods.These must be put in the right way or the front will not slide back and forth at all.There's something else that I'm missing.Thanks anyway.

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