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  1. Im looking at buying a Rolleiflex Automat and I’m currently considering an MX-EVS with good glass and no fungus (allegedly!) which has at some point been converted to 35mm with a Rolleikin adapter and retains the film counter on the outside LHS. I’m told it otherwise functions as a normal 120 camera and a normal take-up spool is present. There are adapter kits on eBay which include the normal/regular sprung loaded film spool ends which look simple enough to replace (3 small screws). Back and screen look normal. Is there anything else I should be wary about due to its previous conversion, and are the sprung loaded film spool ends a standard part, or did they change between models (i.e would I need one specific to the Automat if I wanted to get the camera back to factory finish?)

    Thanks very much for any assistance you can give.
  2. No help here on the Rolleikin.. I've seen so much good work here done with the Automat. So adapter or not.. go for it. While adapting 35mm might make it interesting and do double duty when no 120 film is there.. I would not really think of the 35mm kit as anything but well... icing.
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    My Rollei 2.8 D (purchased used 25+ years ago from a photographer's estate) came with the counter for 35 mm film on the top knob and the pressure plate is adjustable for 120 or 35 mm film, but I have never had the rest of the Rolleikin adapter set up. It has always worked perfectly with 120 film and I never had any interest in using 35 mm in the Rollei since I have always had 35 mm cameras that I would prefer to use with 35 mm film. I hope that helps.
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