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  1. Hi Forum members,
    I recently acquired a Rolleiflex, which I thought would be a Model 3 (K4b2).
    When comparing the serial to the comprehensive rolleiclub list it is a Model 3 - K4B2.
    Serial is: 1068072
    But after looking more detailed at it I came across some things that do not make sense to me and for which I would much appreciate the support of some more knowledgeable people then me.
    To me it seems that the pre-owner had the finder changed. It does not match up with pictures I have seen of the same model. It has one of these eye-level-flip-down-look-through-sports-finders with the Rollei F&H Logo on (sorry don't know the correct English vocab for that). I have seen these only on Rolleicords (f.e. Model V or VA).
    Can someone confirm this or educate me about this?
    Here is a snapshot of it:
    Another thing is that a flash sync has been added and if I look closely at it (or next to it) I can see that the leather obviously has/had a cut-out for the x-sync which came with the later model.
    My two questions regarding this are:
    Did F&H fit the flash sync on cameras that haven't had these or had this be done by someone else?
    Is the (non-used) cut out a common thing or have any other intention?
    Again, a snapshot:
    Another question I have is, if it is possible to change the focussing knob as this camera has a feet scale and I would much prefer a meter scale?
    Here a front view of the camera:
    Thank you all very much in advance!
  2. It could be that your model has been fixed with parts from other models. What does the bottom look like? On the last picture, there are two small pinholes towards the bottom. Those are to connect the Rolleifix for use on a tripod. However, the Rolleifix could only be connected from no. 126800 onwards (see wehere it is called the quick mount plate) although oddly enough on that website all photos, also of the older models, have these pinholes. Anyway, you can find more info there.
  3. Regarding the leather and the covered hole, I have bought a couple of new Rollei leather pieces and you have to get the piece to match the model. They don't have punch out hole options like that. That is a home fix job.
  4. @Harry:
    That was exactly what I thought. Either someone fixed it with other parts or the pre-owner changed parts because they were different/better/more suitable.
    Thanks for your response and the link with more info!
    BTW, here a picture of the bottom:
    @ Dennis:
    Thanks for your info!
    So if I put this together it looks like someone retrofitted a flash sync and recovered the front. Interesting.
    The leather-match seems to be very good, as I can not see much of a difference. The leather of the view finder is different though, if it even is leather, not so sure about that part.
    I still wonder why the view finder was changed and from which model it was taken. (???)
    And does someone have an idea if and how it is possible to change the focussing knob?
    Thank you all
  5. There was a large auxiliary focusing knob made for models like your's, with a small-size knob. Maybe you can find one
    with metric markings. They fit over the original knob.
  6. That is the Automat post-WWII model. You can easily tell because the serial number is below the word "Rolleiflex" whereas the first post-WWII model (introduced in 1949) had the serial number moved above the word "Rolleiflex" and facing up instead of straight out. You seem to have the newer finder, which was also introduced in 1949. Good for you, it is a much improved design. Your particular finder came from a Rolleicord, which did not have the square flip up magnifier, rather a round one. It also has the Rollei F&H logo, which didn't appear on the Rolleiflex until the 3.5F.
  7. @ Robert
    Thanks for the info regarding the auxiliary focusing knob. I had a look and it seems to be the best option.
    @ Joe User
    Thanks for your detailed answer!
    I am impressed by the view finder. As I up to know only have an older Rolleicord on which the mirror isn't the best, the view finder of this Rolleiflex is a huge improvement. It also has the Fresnel screen which makes it a real joy to use.
    I was really surprised with this camera. Although it is quite battered on the outside, the shutter seems to work correct on all exposure times, the mirror is in very good condition, the lens has nearly no marks and even the self exposure timer works fine.
    After I cleaned it last weekend, I put a roll of film in yesterday and are already excited about the results!
    Thanks to you all for your support.
  8. What you have is a Rolleiflex Automat I type II, with a Rolleicord hood and x synch added. This is most likely a prewar camera, as both lenses appear to uncoated. It my in fact be a war time camera, but only disassembly will tell, as the wartime products suffered from inferior fit and finish.

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