Rolleiflex cap identifying

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by steve g, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. I bought a cap for my Rolleicord IIIa that I had hoped would fit, but does not. I am
    trying to identify what bay size it is, so that when I resell it.. the buyer doesn't end up
    in the same shape I am in.<br><br>
    Measuring diameter of thte circular parts of the cap, the bottom circle is about 39mm
    and the top about 29mm.<br><br>
    I have a Rolleicord IIIa, which seems to be a Bay-5, according to the fact that I have a
    hood that says Bay-5 on it and it fits. I can say that the BOTTOM part of the cap fits
    both lensese of my Rolleicord, and is equal in size to the hood mounting. So what
    would a cap that is Bay-5 on the bottom but smaller on the top be?<br><br>
    Identifying notes - It's aluminum and says 'F&H' on the top circle and 'Carl Zeiss Jena'
    on the bottom one. Also, unlike many rollei caps I have seen, this one is not hinged at
    all, it is solid aluminum, chrome/metal colored.<br><br>Thanks!
  2. The Rolleicord III takes bayonet I accessories. The black plastic bay I cap for Rolleicord will fit the III.

    The lens cap you have is for a pre-war Rolleiflex Automat with bayonet on the taking lens only.

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