Rolleiflex Automat 2.8c

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  1. I have a Rolleiflex Automat 2.8c in very good cosmetic condition.
    Not sure how to test it but I'm pretty certain its in good mechanical condition as well.
    I was wondering how do I find out what the value of it is?
  2. The story is:
    A few months ago I was thinking of selling my camera collection. I got some great advice from everyone here.
    What I decide on was to go through the pain stacking processing of actually opening a store on eBay and start listing each camera individually
    Wow, lot more difficult than you take. Several weeks later everything is put together now. yay!
    Amazingly after going through many many cameras, the one question that you still cant figure out is, how much is a actually camera worth?lol
    At the end of the day, you can have all the information in the world, but you still don't truly know what your camera is truly worth........
    ........ of course until you actually sell it.... even then, you still wonder, "Did I sell it at the right price"
    Anyways, I listed my Rolleiflex Automat 2.8c for $1200. Its in excellent cosmetic condition.
    What I would like your opinions on is should I sell it for an offer I got from a person in Hong Kong for $800?
    Your opinions are greatly appriciated.
  3. God I love the design of these things. They're just so beautiful in that weird quirky way.
    Anyway, I just paid $550 for my 2.8C on ebay, and they seem to be going for at least that much... I still havn't gotten mine though. The seller has yet to claim the paypal payment.... sad because i'm soo excited about getting this camera!
    Also, looks like you have a Planar lens? Those are not as common as the Schneider lens that i'm getting (on the 2.8C anyway), so yours should be worth more than $550.
  4. That appears to be the model with the Schneider Kreuznach Xenotar. An excellent camera and lens. I had one. But it's generally less collectible than the Planar version so the market value will probably be a bit less. Depending on condition somewhere between $400-$600 US seems to be about right. If it's in top notch condition and includes the original case or other accessories it might fetch more. I sold mine last year for around $500 with the case, metal hood and a filter.
  5. yeah, Lex i think your right.. it does say Xenotar - guess i just assumed Planar because they both end in "ar."
  6. I purchased a Rolleiflex 2.8C Planar in great condition in August 2008 for $525 on Original owner wanted $600 and I talked him down to $525. I love this camera so much, even though its a 1954! I looked at ebay and everything was going for $800 to $1200 so I looked for an alternative. You might check out craigslist... might be easier than doing the ebay thing. I've sold enlargers and darkroom stuff on ebay, but then again I was making room for some scaled down equipment for a smaller darkroom.
    Hope this helps.
  7. is this on Ebay now?
  8. wow you guys are awsome,
    i could spend days on the interenet trying to find and learn about this stuff
    how in the world do you guys know so much about one specific camera, down the details???
    i guess with anything, with experience comes knowledge.
    i've collected over a 100 cameras, now that i've come to sell them i realize how little i know about each one
    yes, i've listed it on ebay. i've opened a store front and slowely listing one at a time.
    the fees are killer though, in 3 months i've sold 5 of 11 listed cameras, about $400 in sales & $170 in paypal & ebay fees
    thanks for help!
  9. oh i forogt to tell you the site,
    i listed it on ebay on my storefront, and then i decide as a way to test out the market to also list it as a auction. i put a reserve on it just in case this week is not a good week in the markets
    im not sure im im allowed to post a link to the listing directly, so instead ill just give the address to the storefront it self

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