Rolleiflex 2.8GX - shutter options?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by randall cherry, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    The Rolleiclub web page indicates that the 2.8GX(2) model was
    available with either the Seiko shutter or the Copal shutter. Is
    this true? Every other source of info on GX shutters seems to imply
    that the Copal shutter was only available on the 2.8FX models.

    Also, how much difference in smoothness-of-relase is there between
    the Synchro-Compur, Seiko and Copal shutters? Some say "alot," other
    say "not much." Is there really a difference? Is it just sampe-to-
    sample variation? An actual difference between models? Or is it
    just a variation in user expectation/sensitivity?

    If a particular shutter release is rough, can a good camera
    technician familiar with the Rollei TLRs improve the shutter release?


  2. The first GX models were equipped with Synchro Compurs. I would quess that shutter brand does not make releasing smoothness. At least my Synchro Compur F is so much smoother than my Synchro Compur GX. It is not question of being bad or good, they are just different. The same difference exists also for example with Hasselblad 905 Super Wide and the early Superwides.

    Kerkko K.
  3. I've had 'em both along with the 2.8F and there is really not that much difference between the 2 GX's. The older F has a smoother and quieter release. The 2 GX's have a little "catch" feeling due to the shutter button operated meter, you press in about halfway and you feel extra resistance letting you know that the meter has engaged but if you go further the shutter will trip. Once you get used to this feeling the GX can be operated just about as smoothly as a good working F. There is a slight difference in the sound that the 2 shutters on the GX makes, both are noisier than the F model and one of them, I think the later one, has a "twang" to it, but it's still pretty quiet, it's just that many Rollei fans are quite picky about changes and some don't accept the sound of the newer shutter after many decades of a quieter one. They do have a point. Bob.
  4. I have a GX Expression from 1994 with a Syncro Compur shutter. Recently the camera was inspected by a friend of mine, a retired repairman. He told me that the shutter was a Compur indeed, but with some differences with classic Compurs. Some pieces looked like brass (or any other alloy) made, and had series of tiny holes (lightening weight perhaps?). Anyway, the GX shutter performs different from F models. I have also a 3.5F and the shutter is quieter and smoother by far. I?ve used the F handheld at 1/15 sec. and achieved decent pictures. This is by no means possible with the GX. In the past I had also a 2.8F with a Xenotar. While there was a difference with the GX in terms of smoothness, it was less perceptible than with the 3.5. So probably the size of the shutter is a important issue regardless of the brand. So if handheld shooting , smoothness and quietness are a big concern for you, 3.5 models probably will fit you better. Apart from this, the GX is a fantastic camera and capable of great achievements.
  5. I sent my Compur GX to Harry Fleenor ( for a CLA. He also did some
    work on the shutter release to make it a less 'notchy'. In the end his adjustments made a big
    difference.The GX release is still not quite as smooth as on my 2.8F, but then again the GX
    has to deal with the meterswitch and is fairly new. My 2.8F has seen a few decades of use, so
    it's nicely broken in. I added a mini softrelease ( to the GX, which really
    helps a lot.

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