Rolleiflex 1938 #720457

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by lauren_macintosh, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Well most people stay inside and stay warm on rainy days , Not me went out Bought a Rolleiflex in very excellent condition and looks like it has been well cared for : Now I can only hope this is my last camera, since every time I lost a bid on a rolleiflex ,I'd buy another camera : Time will tell :
  2. C'mon who we kidding here.. you'll buy another camera .. probably after Christmas... when the guilt falls away. Indeed .. looks to be in exellent shape and a Tessarto boot!. I've seen some really fine posts from these fine pieces..( mmmhh a Christmas present ) Well Lauren get shootin.. lets see some results!
  3. Very nice Lauren, seems to be in very nice condition. If you plan to shoot black and white, a Bay-1 yellow filter would be ideal for this camera. Show us some results.
  4. ...ha! There is never a "last camera"... believe me.
  5. Eventually the 2.8 Planar will be calling for you.
  6. Last camera, HA!
    I've even told myself that when I "completed" my original "collection" that would be all.
    But enjoy this one. I'm actually not a big fan of TLRs, so the only one I have is my Weltaflex; but I would someday like to have a nice Rolleiflex.
    Post some pictures when you get there.
  7. I hope you have lots of fun with it. It has taken many great photos.
    It is in better condition than my 1938 Rollei no. [​IMG] [​IMG] 599872 which I still have. I paid 94 Aust ponds for it in 1954 when my student's allowance was 4 Aust pounds per week. Today I use a Pentax K10D.
  8. very nice lauren, i have one almost identical actually it probably is identical, mine is 1939, they are great cameras. post some images made with it when you can. here is one from mine
  9. Now I can only hope this is my last camera,​
    Sort of like an alcoholic telling themselves that this is their last drink. The first thing that you need to do is stand up and admit that you are a cameraholic. There is no known cure.
  10. Forget that last camera thing know it's not going to happen! Congrats on the Rollei, a truly great camera, now you need an old 'Cord to go with it......come on, you know you do!
  11. The only time "last camera" applies, is to the final purchase of today.
    Take heart, there's always tomorrow.
    What a score, nice find, you'll LOVE the Tessar, enjoy.
  12. MY NAME IS JOHN GOLDEN AND IM A CAMERAHOLIC! come on folks dont be shy
  13. I attend a Cameraholics meeting once a month. Doesn't do a bit of good. Last meeting they had an auction! Returned home with more gear!
  14. I found a 1939 model this past week on fleabay. Not quite as nice as yours, but very nice, I have a roll of TMY-2 400 to shoot this weekend, I hope. I'm helping my GF pack for a move, it has cut into my playtime. I just picked up a Kodak Panoram #1 2 weeks ago, I have to stop some day, not sure when that day will be. :^)

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