Rolleicord Va II adapted for 6x4.5. Possible to revert to 6x6?

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  1. Hi all

    Just got a good deal on a Rolleicord Va II. Upon receiving it, I noticed that the camera is adapted for shooting 6x4.5 frames. There is an indicator on the right upper side saying '16', there is a mask inside the finder covering the focusing screen to reveal only a 6x4.5 area of it, and there is a mask inside the camera to project a 6x4.5 image on the film.

    None of this was indicated in the listing and the fact that the item was modified in this way was not pointed out by the seller. A shame really, because the camera seems to be fully working.

    My question would be: should I hold on to this - is it at all possible to revert it back to a traditional 6x6 format camera? If so, does this require the purchase of additional components (I'm thinking the spools will be different?) - or should I return it to the seller?
  2. This was a factory kit for the Va and Vb series that was meant to be installed by the end user. I forget what the kit was called.

    The frame mask is spring loaded and pops out easily. The viewfinder mask just lays on top of the screen. The frame counter is held in place by the single knurled screw in the center.

    All you really need is a "12" frame counter.

    When i bought my Va, I was in the same situation. At the time, I found it virtually impossible to locate a 12 frame counter. Finally, I bought a junky "parts only" Va just to get the frame counter off of it. That was in 2007, and my first Va still sits with the counter in it. I have the 16 frame counter, film gate mask, and viewfinder mask somewhere together, but couldn't begin to locate them.

    BTW, as I recall the frame size is actually a bit smaller than true 645. I can measure some transparencies to confirm(I shot the camera a LOT before I found the 12 counter) but I seem to recall it being more like 6x4.4 or 4.3. An all mechanical 645 camera won't typically chance more than 15 exposures on a roll of film, although 16 will fit(my all electronic Pentax 645 does 16, but it's the only dedicated 645 camera I've owned that does it).
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  3. As Ben says, it's the little "12" counter you need. Everything else will be the same.

    Depending on how good the deal was, it may be worth keeping and using it as a 6x4.5 camera. The only disadvantage being that it's pretty much impossible to shoot in vertical format.

    Or perhaps the seller will give you a partial refund.
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  4. Thank you both, I've contacted the seller to see what he thinks. 6x4.5 is not an option as I don't like composing in that format. I will be on the lookout for a 12 frame counter, and of course if anyone on these boards would be interested in a swap please do get in touch!
  5. Well if you'Re dead set against the 645.. I added the kit to my Rolleiflex TZ and I haven'T changed back. IT fits for my work...umm fun I mean. I get 16 pics on a roll and I don'T miss 6x6.. I have other Yashicas etc . all in what you want I guess...

    This is a picture of the kit.. I assume this is complete with Wheel

  6. Chuck

    Thanks, I appreciate the offer. I've gone ahead and returned the camera, but thanks again!

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