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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by geoffgp, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know if the focus screens in the Rolleicord V/Va differ from the ones in the Vb in terms of brightness, clarity etc?
    Thanks Geoff
  2. At least the original V screen is really dim and dark. Fortunately you can buy a brighter replacement screen for $30.
  3. I have owned both Va and Vb Rolleicords, and there was a significant difference in brightness and contrast favoring the Vb. As I recall, the Vb screen had a split image rangefinder spot in the center as well.
  4. Matt,Jeff thanks. I'm looking to get a Rolleicord V/a/b at present - looks like it'll be a b if I can find one for a reasonble price! I'm not sure the replacement screens are as good as the original rollei ones. (I've only seen the Oleson one though).
  5. Changing the screen of a Vb will be a simple DIY job, while changing the screen of a V or Va will need (someone with) technical skills. In that way a Vb will be a better choice. When buying an old camera you never know whether the original screen is still in it or not. It may have been changed during its long years of service. For a better one or .........
    I have several Flexes and a Cord. I tend to move the best screens to the cameras I use most. The cameras that I hardy use may be the ones that are going to be sold at some time. Likely those will be sold with the less desirable screens.
  6. Geoff,
    I also am smit with the "dull focus screen" syndrome on my Cord Vb and Flex T. Rick Oleson's site says he does not do these. However, he has advised me that he can cut these down from the RB67 screens but cost in excess of $100. The Maxwells are more than this and usually involve a CLA as well, which I don't need. Are there $30 replacement screens out there for these models? Incidently, the screens on my Vb and T look to be identical, with square grids, but do not include a Split-Image.
  7. Tony, it sounds like your screen, like Ferdi says is probably not original? I just went on the Rolleiclub forum and found a post from a guy who says that the Chinese Seagull TLR camera that's in manufacture has a good screen that fits the Cord. I emailed - a supplier of Seagulls to see if thats the case and if they're available/cost etc. Worth a try!
  8. Geoff,
    Thanks for that. Send me a PM to let me know how you get on.
  9. If that fails try to get an original Rolleigrid and pop that on the screen. If the image on the screen is very dim I would check the mirror for signs of degradation, if the mirror is no good a brighter focusing sceen is not going to make a big difference.

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