Rolleicord film - wind squeak

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  1. I`ve had this Vb for a few weeks, in very good condition; working
    o.k. (e.g.shutter speeds and focusing fine) but after running six
    films through it, it has started to squeak as I wind on the film.
    i.e. from start to finish.

    I `m sure that this has already turned up somewhere in the hallowed
    pages of and that the remedy did not result in sending
    the camera away for a CLA; just a drop of fine oil at one side or the
    other of the take-up end of the camera. e.g. either the winding knob
    or the spring knob spindle/s.

    Consequently a reminder of this technique would be welcomed.
  2. James, my Rolleiflex has squeaked for years...I've never tried to oil it, but it might be worth a try.
  3. Squeaks are because dried-up lube is letting parts rub together that shouldn't. It'd probably take thousands of rotations to wear them out, how overbuilt those cameras were, so personally I'd suggest earplugs or a CLA, but don't grab an oilcan and do a DIY lube job. That's the fastest way I know to for sure need a CLA.
  4. Ditto what Jay wrote - the surest way to *need* a CLA, or expensive repairs is to try a DIY lube job without the right materials and knowledge.

    I've never heard of a camera that could be lubed like a gun or fishing reel. Only the tiniest amounts of very specialized lubes (sperm whale oil was a traditional favorite) are applied to specific places inside the camera. This requires disassembly to access those lube points.
  5. A subsequent referral to a knowledgeable technician with many years experience of `cords & `flexes revealed that the squeak in this case may be down to one or both of the spools. Especially as when the camera was made, spools were made of metal, not plastic. "See what happens when the wind knob is turned when the camera is empty" he suggested. 1. No spools - no squeak. 1st spool in top chamber... no squeak. 3. 2nd spool in lower chamber, low volume squeak from right hand end as spool rotated by clean finger tip. Removed Spool, gave its right-hand flange edge a wipe with a clean cloth, ditto the spring *flange* (acting as a *brake* ?) Eureka !
    Maybe in replacing the spool a micromillimetre difference had intervened, or ..who knows ? Then I loaded a film (Ilford FP3) and advanced to first frame .. no squeak. Will take note of squeak occurrence/s up to completion of this roll.
    Could it be that Ilford`s spool manufacturing tolerances are closer to the dimensions of the *old fashioned" metal ones in general ?

    Watch this space (or not...) ;-)

    PS The suggestion that the culprit might be the spool and not my Vb came from The Studio Workshop in London, England. (My country of residence)
  6. James

    After using Rolleiflexes for over 55 years, I can vouchsafe that
    most squeeks are due to modern film spools. When I srarted, in
    1947, 120 film spools were WOOD with metal flanges. Never a squeek
    with those.

  7. Hi all,

    adding my 2 cents, I heard the familiar squeak when winding my usual film (Kodak Portra 160vc) on my va, until I noticed that with the last film I tried (Fuji NPC/NPS) the squeak was gone !

    From what I heard, the squeak was coming from the take-up spool, so it's probably due to the spool itself. It works smooth and silently without it.

    If you have no more problems I'll let it stay. In fact I also had some problems related to film winding (lost frames) which I'm starting to think that are related to film spools too...

    I wouldn't tamper with it unless I know VERY WELL what to do, and as it's not the case, I prefer to wait some months/years until I give it a security CLA.

    Happy shooting ! :)

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