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  1. I came across these two cameras, and I was wondering how much they are worth.
    One is a Rolleicord with a Zenar 1.3.5175 lens. Above the lens are are the
    words DBP and in the center are the numbers 1931081 and on the right side of
    these are the letters DBGM. Above that is the word Rolleicord. It is black and
    rectangular in shape. The other is an Ikoflex. It is also black and
    rectangular shaped. The Lens say Zeiss-Opton Nr 1041133 Tessar 1:3,5 f 75 mm.
    The top lens say Taronar-Anastigmat. Thank you,

    Karol Jones

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  2. Both are good cameras. What they are worth is what the buyer is willing to pay. I would suggest that you link to and in the search box write in Rolleicord and after you check that out write Ikoflex for another search. Do a search on these and see what they are selling for.
  3. While you check the market as suggested above, it would be useful to identify the specific models of Rolleicord and Ikoflex, since that info does affect prices. You want to look for the specific combination of model and taking lens (the lower one) for each.

    Check out under "photographica" and look out each camera model there (the Ikoflex is under "Zeiss").

    I believe that the Ikoflexes usually come cheaper than equivalent Rolleicords - I believe the Rollei name brand is just more sought after.
  4. A good late model Rolleicord sells for about $200.00 AUd, Ikoflex for around the same. The condition of the cameras is all important and if they are in mint condition they can fetch twice that to the right buyer. It's true that the Rolleis command better prices but the Ikoflexes are catching up and I rekon that they will exceed the Rolleicord soon.
  5. The design of these two lens is the same. The major differences the maker. Camera prices depends on its condition mainly.
    I remember a friend said,' might pay a Lecia M3's price on a cheap and old Kodak Retina camera because you like it.' There is not definition of 'which is worth to buy?'
  6. I own both types: Ikoflex Ia and IIa (both with Tessar lenses) and a Rollecord Va (with Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar). The Ikoflexes were developed by Zeiss as a competitor to the market-leading Rolleis of the time (1950s). In terms of quality they are comparable and the lenses mentioned are all 4-element types. As previously mentioned, price depends on condition and model number. Current *B** going rates for good examples might be about ?60 for the Ia and about ?75-?100 for the IIa and Rolleicord Va. It all depends on what a buyer is prepared to pay (I've recently seen some go for more). All are very useable cameras indeed if working correctly.
  7. Last post prices were in pounds sterling.
  8. Use eBay's completed listings. If you know the condition of your cameras you can compare. I've written a free guide how to do this, which includes a video showing how to get the info from eBay. Check

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