rollei XF35 exposure meter

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by riccardo_mottola, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. I have that small ittle jewel. As many cameras it requires Mercury. It is also
    many years old. I opened it up, but could find no where a place were to adjust
    the exposure meter (a trimpot or such) and in case I would even attempt to
    recalibrate it for higher voltage batteries.
    There is one adjustment behind the coil instrument,but it is for zero-adjust
    only and it is correct.
  2. #675 zinc/air hearing aid batteries are 1.40 volts, very close to the 1.35 of mercury batteries so no recalibration necessary. Also cheap, less than 1 USD each.
  3. One warning with the zinc/air batteries -- take them out when not in use. They aren't sealed, and when they go bad, they leak -- nasty corrosive leak.
  4. You have a jewel of a camera. The best Rollei 35mm rangefinder in my opinion. It's unfortunate that it has no manual settings so you do need the meter in good adjustment. I'd ask on the Classic Camera Repair Forum.
  5. David M: Yes, the only drawback is the lack of manual or at least a priority setting. Also, 800/30 ISO would be nice.
    It is a tad larger that the other Rollei 35s. But the RF is a good thing, I also calibrated it.

    I already asked on the Camera Repair Forum and got no answer...

    There is little information about this camera on the net apparently and few people use it.

    A scheme of the Lens formula would be nice too. 40/2.3 Sonnar.

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