Rollei TLR pistol grip usage?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by brian_prestemon, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Do many (any) of you Rollei TLR users actually make use of the Rollei pistol grip?
    And if so, in what situations do you find it useful?

    I'm just curious as to whether I should put it on my "wish list" or not.

  2. In what situation ? If your Rollei has a prism. Personally, I think a TLR is better used with a waist level finder, a grip is good for a slr like Hasselblad or Bronica.
    But that's only my opinion
  3. I agree. My Rollei has the waist level viewer so that's why I was wondering what good a pistol grip would do me.

    Anybody else have comments?
  4. The pistol grip is best used for action shots.
  5. I think it is pointless unless you have a prism finder. A better alternative for a grip is an L bracket, if you hold the waist-level finder with magnifier up to your eye.
  6. The L grip is the most widely used for a TLR. The pistol grip is just for eyelevel shots with either the Prism finder or the sportsfinder in the viewing hood. I wouldn't hold a pro size medium format camera without the L bracket. If you would have any shots of moving objects, children, pets,etc, then, that is where the pistol grip shines.
  7. I think the best reason to get the pistol grip is to swipe the Rolleifix off of it. The grip (w/Rolleifix) usually sells for less than the Rolleifix by itself.
  8. I did recently get a pistol grip off ebay for cheap and it is kind of interesting with the
    prism and I think you might be able to handhold better but really I can't see how anyone
    would use it on a regular basis. Don't buy one of the ones on ebay you constantly see
    listed for 80 or a hundred dollars, wait till one gets listed low minimum bid and no
    reserve. I got mine for 25 dollars with an excellent condition rolleifix.
  9. OCULUS New York

    OCULUS New York Still shooting, but posting less here.

    I have both pistol and side grip for my SLX, along with the 90 and 45 degree prisms. All work well, but are a bit cumbersome after being used to bare ergonomics, and one feels a bit dorky. Absent the prism though, it is pointless.
  10. Brian, the pistol grip would only be a great buy if you do alot of action shots.It isn't designed for anything, but eyelevel shots.
  11. I prefer a L grip. I tried several times this pistol grip but I don't like it.The focusing ring is on the left and the wind on the right, so when you want to go to the next view you can't to it easily ! The other problem is that the stability is not really good. For me the best alternative is a L backet like this one, made with a Vivitar L grip, a part of a Metz bracket and a Rolleifix. With this system that I hold with my left hand, I have the focusing ring and the release ( with a cable release) just next to my fingers. My right hand is ready to go to the next view. It is very fast.
  12. I must add that the pistol grip improves the stability when shooting at low speed.
  13. The pistol grip with the prism make a good combination ( and can serve as a pretty good club in bad situations) but is just an incumberance with a waist level finder.
  14. I use the pistol grip when shooting posed sports pictures. It allows me to place the camera almost at ground level and look down (no prism) to focus and compose. It's a great device for just that purpose.

    The second one I bought is what was mentioned before - so I could remove the Rolleifix and use it on a tripod.
  15. I use the pistol grip only when there's a prism aboard. And since I always use a prism, I always use the grip.

    You need to set the shutter release on the pistol grip to be extremely sensitive. Otherwise, you will jar the camera. If you get it just right, it will spare you the awkwardness of depending on the camera release while using a prism--very awkward.
  16. I only use the pistol grip on my tele-rolleiflex and prism. Like the others here, I prefer an L-bracket with my 2.8 models. I find the tele-Rolleiflex balances and works better with a pistol grip and prism. In addition, I find the pistol grip only works with the 90 degree prism and not with the waist finder or a 45 degree prism.

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