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  1. Today, I got around to developing a roll of Rollei RPX 25 in 35mm that I'd been shooting on and off since the summer. One thing I'd been wondering about this film was, like Rollei Pan 25, would there be light leakage if it was not loaded in subdued light or total darkness?
    The answer is yes. The film has some sprocket fogging through frame 7, I don't think it extended into any the photos, tho I'll have a better idea once I scan the film. As compared to Rollei Pan 25, while RPX 25 does still experience some light piping, it is improved over Rollei Pan 25.
    In any event, I'm going to continue to load all Rollei films in subdued light or total darkness.
  2. Rollei films with Clear Polyester layer:
    Retro 80(S)
    Retro 400(S) = (S)uperpan 200
    Rollei IR-400(S) even worse due to extended sensitivity till 820nm.
    Rollei RPX-100/400 are made on Tri-Acetate and they are Grey colored like Ilford films. These two films are also made by Ilford/Harman, 125um 135-36 and 100um the 120 roll films, where the Retro(S) is coming from Agfa Gevaert which is aviation type material all made on 100um layer, also the 135-36 films hence extra precaution with the "light piping" effect in 135-36 but also with roll film, put the glue sticker straight on the film without loosing force on the roll film so that they can unwrap.
  3. [​IMG]
    An example from the RPX-25, R09/Rodinal 1+50.
  4. Robert, what is the recommended developer for this film? I'll admit to not reading much about it before trying it. I used Ordinal 1:50 for 11 minutes, as recommended, but the contrast is rather high. Is there another developer, Rollei or not, that can tame it?
  5. Did a little searching around... for Rodinal, seems maybe 1:120 at 14 minutes is good?
  6. All slow speed films have a high contrast. You can try CG-512/Rollei Low Speed 1+4 (24C) (U. Raffay) which is also very succesfully with the Rollei Retro 80(S) from Agfa Gevaert. Another possibility A-49 1+1 or 1+2 or Rollei Supergrain 1+15 (an Amaloco AM74 copy) but even with the last the contrast is still pretty high. I did not try 1+19 yet.
    With a real low contrast developer like Film Low Gamma (U. Raffay) / Rollei Low Contrast (RLC) you can also have great results. I also tried TDLC-103 it also works but not so good as FLG/RLC 1+4.
    The disadvantage of R09/Rodinal even with a higher dilution is the strong S-curve with above film(s). In the shadows you can manage it but for the highlight, they are burned out.
  7. You can try Ilford Microphen 1:5. It works well with some slow speed copy type films.

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