Rollei Rolleiflex SL35M meter

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by shahdad_samimi, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. How do I test the meter to find if it works?
    I put in a 625 button cell with the positive side (+) up.
    When I look through the viewfinder am I suppose to see some lights?
    or is it just the needle thats suppose to go up and down?
  2. mpo


    The positive end of the battery goes "up" only if you have the camera turned upside down (which is normal when putting the battery).
    That camera is turned on by pulling the advance lever slightly, similar to Nikon FE. You realize that's on only by the needle movement, my camera shows no lights in the viewfinder on anywhere else.
    The switch that turns the meter on is visible on top of the camera, besides the winding lever. Try to exercise it a little with a finger.
  3. Awsome!!!
    Thanks Marcelo!!!!
    I was driving my self crazy trying to how to get the meter going..... I totally missed the little switch by the lever :)
    Thanks again,

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