Rollei P11.0 Slide Projector

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  1. Hello
    I've acquired a Rollei P11.0 slide projector - it's dual format with 35mm on one side and MF on the other and seems to me to have come from the same school of design as the Bismarck. The lens is a 110 - 160mm f3.5 zoom which focusses by remote control.
    I've worked out what most things do but one thing puzzles me. There is a large metal screw on the MF side where the slide tray sits which doesn't seem to do anything. Any idea what this does, or can someone point me towards a manual for the machine?
    Also can anyone please suggest a source of the MF slide trays, preferably in the UK? The 35mm side uses standard trays.
  2. It 's for adjust the lamp to assure even light all over the frame, use the projecto without a slide in it, you will see the lamp's filamente projected on the screen, (one brighter and one dimmer, one is from one condensor the other one is from the otherone condensor); move the screw untill you see the (apparently) two filament separate.
    At the momente I don't have the instruction manual with me, I don't rememeber if you need to do this operation with lens on or without lens, if I recall correctly it should be with the lens mounted and you can check it also by putting the lens cap (translucent) on and lookin directly at it instead that projecting on the scree. Try this different option.
  3. Diego
    Many thanks for this information. I will try it and see.
    Thanks again for your response. Here is a shot of the machine in question...
  4. Hi, Robert White used to sell the MF slide trays M77/30 as a set of 6 in hinged-front keepers. I never found any as single trays without the keeper. Cost is high, looking on ebay might produce some. These are wonderful projectors but do require occasional cleaning: if the lamp seems to dim slightly when you activate the slide change then it's time to dismantle and vacuum away accumulated dust inside. I have found that the tiniest drop of sewing machine oil on the bearings of the main gears and other rotating parts makes it run more smoothly, but don't let oil get anywhere near the slide transport mechanism. regards Richard
  5. Sorry for the many many typo! What I was thinking of?
  6. Richard thanks for your suggestions. Diego I would prefer to see your helpful reply with a few typo's than no reply at all. Thanks to both.

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