Rollei Digital Bundle (Rolleiflex 6008 AF + Phase One P20) user feedback

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by olegmoiseyenko, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. Hello All,

    Please allow me share with you impressions of mine induced by work with this fresh solution from Rollei.
    I’ve got Rollei Digital Bundle (Rolleiflex 6008 AF + Phase One P20) just two months ago and love it so far. The driven reasons in this move for me was truly unique combination of next factors: square format (I like it so much!), amazing lens optics (Schneider!), true 16-bit color space with 16 Mpx resolutions of lossless RAW files right out of the box, autofocus (still good to have in some situations), wide dynamic diapason and wonderful details delivered by P20 digital back.

    To be honest with you, I’ve spent tremendous amount of time (months) trying to identify my future medium system (before that I was working with Nikon D100 but very soon realized that 6Mpx level isn’t adequate to my needs). Finally, I end up with two systems only – Hasselblad and Rollei. Soon after that it’s became obvious for me that Rolleiflex modular approach and overall quality of German mechanics/optics seems better to me and would give me all what Hasselblad solution has (not H1 – don’t like this, sorry guys) plus autofocus and several others options in addition.

    Yes, I was aware about some drawbacks of this setup but found them acceptable for me: slow and some time non-accurate autofocus in difficult light situations (however, it’s still not bad to me once you aware of this and can control it) and 1.5 crop factor…

    Here you’re some more quick positive impressions of mine:
    - very bright chimney viewfinder;
    - very convenient handle grip;
    - superb overall build quality;
    - simplicity and good logics in camera controls placement;
    - amazing colors which P20 delivers;
    - the shooting speed just drives me crazy– thanks to very fast P20;
    - level of details is just amazing – never seen something close to that yet;
    - overall completeness of all setup – just open the boxes, put all parts together and you’re ready to shoot;
    - weight of this setup – it’s heavy (but it is medium system, right?) and… I like it too somehow!

    And, of course, there are some disadvantages too – it is always there, right? They are:
    - 1.5 crop factor (oh man, how much I wish to pass all parts of my picture I see through viewfinder right to the P20 with no crops at all!);
    - better integration between P20 and Rollei 6008 AF camera body (for instance, EXIF data of my images doesn’t show up shutter and aperture settings)
    - IMHO, P20 digital back should be better documented out by Phase One.
    - Capture One software is a really good one and well adequate to but graphical user interface might be improved.

    I was really surprised to see so large box (like box with medium CRT monitor inside) delivered at my home when it arrives. But soon I’ve realized why it is so huge – small (but heavy!) P20 comes in large black plastic handback which includes P20, some documentation, charger, set of two batteries, set of power adaptors (for many countries!), two cleaning fluid solutions (very kind and convenient) and opal calibrating plate.

    Bottom-line, I like this system, glad it’s arrived this year, believe it is best out of best in it’s own class and almost sure it is kind of lifetime system which would deliver thousands of wonderful images in right hands; don’t hesitate to ask more questions if you wish – I would be glad answer them all if I could.

    Please feel free take a look on some pictures made with this setup at 1st time with Rollei Digital Bundle. All of them have been taken on Cape Cod, MA.
    Kind regards,
    Oleg Moiseyenko, ASMP, New Jersey
    oMoses online portfolio
  2. Oleg -
    Did you ever consider something in between the NIkon and Rollei/Hassy, such as the Leica

    Just wondering. I'm a big Rollei fan, but am having a bit of trouble with the $ side of
    adding the P20 and the AF, and then the need for a 40 mm, which would replace my
    favorite lens, the 60mm Curtagon.

    Enjoy your Rollei - its great gear.

  3. Many thanks Oleg, I've been waiting for some real-world reviews. Have you tried using non-AF lenses with the system? I've been considering the AF body, but a I have a ton (literally) of new PQ lenses that I cannot afford to trade or replace (vario, 40, 55 PCS, 180, etc). I may take the AF step since the body will signal when in focus. The ultimate step to digital though, I'll probably postpone until we get equality in frame/crop size and hopefully, more reasonable prices.

    Good luck with it, and thanks again.
    Ray Hull
  4. Thanks for sharing your results. Do you think it would be possible to post a full res picture
    somewhere for download? One with all the difficulties for digital: detailed foliage, complex
    contrasts, shiny reflections and some skin. That would be great for us to look at.
  5. Agree with above on resolution; that water lilly would be perfect.

    Ray Hull
  6. I would like to see "A sketch of true vacation" in close-up. From a technical point of view it
    should tell us a lot of things. The picture of the woman in the checkered shirt with a towel
    over her shoulder (I.) might be interesting too, supposing the focus is exactly in the texture
    of the cloths.
  7. I own db20P Rollei combo with Schneider's 40mm, 50mm, 80mm 2.0, 180mm
    and Zeiss 110mm. I also have V series P25 converted for Rollei. My studio
    partner uses Leaf Aptus and we both have 1dsMKII for fast moving projects. I
    shoot commercial fashion and editorial work for European market. There is no
    better system than Rollei / P20 . Anybody interseted in downloading a file
    email me and I fill be happy to share.
  8. </b>Very nice picture, Oleg. And of a beautiful technical quality. I am especially pleased by the skin tones.
    If only the sensor were bigger, at least say 42x42mm in order to keep the 40mm to be a real wide angle...
    What is your opinion on the postprocess workflow? Better/faster than with the D100?
    <a href="">Wim</a>
  9. </h5>
    Better font this way?
  10. Dont mean to be a downer, but I dont see anything special in those images ... look like
    standard digital fare to me. Will be feeding my 6000 series film for the foreseable future.
  11. To OCULUS NEW YORK (Ray Hull): I didn?t try using non-AF lenses with this system yet once Schneider Xenotar PQS HFT AF 80mm f/2.8 is my only medium format lens yet. But I will and 100% sure they would shine once will use Zeiss at this case.

    Thank you, Ray!
  12. To Geoff Goldberg: Geoff, I didn?t consider something in between once my intention was migration from 35mm to medium format with square format and there were not much different options.

    Thank you, Geoff! I agree with you on Rollei - it is amazing camera.
  13. To Erik: Erik, the problem is full resolution image is damn heavy for that ? 96Mb.
  14. To Andre Napier: Andre, thanks a ton one more time for your help during my research on Rollei ? it was very kind of you. Some time I will have same set of these amazing Schneider lenses too! I would be glad meet with you some day in NJ or NYC if you don?t mind.

    And it is true - P20/Rollei combination just rocks!
    Kind regards,
  15. To Wim van Velzen: Well, Wim, I wish it too and truly believe next Rollei models would address this serious limitation.

    Regarding postprocessor workflow: currently I am upgrading my computer once these huge files definitely require more storage, RAM and CPU power; from other point of view sometimes colors so good straight from camera that not much color correction is required.

    Thank you.
  16. Oleg, what if you use JPEG in the highest quality setting? I wouldn't mind downloading a
    96Mb file, by the way. Your biggest problem will probably be where to post it.

    Another idea might be that you post crops of critical areas of the image I suggested. I really
    would like to see this, being the long time Rollei 6008 fan that I am. (I use this camera and its
    later versions since its original introduction in 1989. Think the UI is still unbeaten on any
    camera platform.)
  17. Some very nice shots. Great colors. I usually don't seem to get ultimately pleasing shots color-wise from my 20D, but I guess that's largely due to me sucking at post-processing.

    A medium format digital certainly would be nice for some stuff, too bad they won't be even nearly within my price range for years. Oh well, at least I'm finally starting to get all the working parts of a SL66 system together :)
  18. Dear Oleg,
    please take a look at the first aerial images captured with my Rollei 6008 Integral II, Rollei Planar 80 mm. Rollei DB20P (17MP) digital back. All images were shot under AE mode (Automatic Aperture and Shutter speed due to vibration and low light conditions). The ideal shutter speed for aerial is more than 1/500 and of course a gyro from Kens Lab.
    The images looks good but has some motion blur from aircraft vibration if you zoom in.
    I just adjusted brightness, contrast and semitones a bit.
    The images over the snowed mountains, the aircraft were shot with a Rollei 50mm.
    Yo can try here
  19. Hi to Oleg from Oleg!
    Considering the crazy speed of development of everything in the digital world, I am curious what is your current perception of the DP20P in terms of dynamic range, color depth and high ISO performance. How well would it stand competition to (don't laugh, please!) the 35mm sensor implemented in Nikon D3/D700?
    Thank you!

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