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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by geoffrey goldberg, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. Here's some news of a new bundle: 6008AF with Sinar (Jenoptik) Emotion E22 back, which I
    think is 645 sized.

    Anybody seen one working? Seems like life in the old dog yet. Or its a new partnership for
    F&H ownership of Rollei. Wonder what happened to the Phase One relationship?
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    Geoff, To say "news of a new bundle" understates things a bit... There's a whole bunch of bundling there (financial and otherwise).

    I find this all fascinating. I recently got the new Sinar catalog and noticed that Rollei was not included in the digi back fitment list. So, this relationship is at least as new and interesting as the equipment.

    I just wish that Sinar brought more surety to the F&H party, but I'm afraid this may be a pairing of equals. Judging from Sinar marketing here, in the US, I have to wonder to whom they are selling their ultra-high end equipment and how long they can last? Of course it is superb, best-of-the-best quality, but for whom?

    Of course, I wonder if it would fit my 2 year old 6003, which is also allegedly digital-ready.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Ray Hull
  3. Geoff, just to quote the article: "The resolution of the 48x36mm sensor gives 5,344 x 4,008
    pixels, each of which measures 9x9 ?m; color depth is 16 bits per color." I wouldn't call that
    645 sized.

    Ray, this is a bundle with the 6000AF body included for a total of EUR 19,900.-. Just like with
    the Phase One bundle the back will not be sold separately by F&H (but perhaps Sinar will).
  4. They do, that is EUR 19900 too.
  5. Erik - you are right about it not being 645 size. Sorry about that. I guess I was wishing....

    And any news on any of this stuff fitting the 6003 would be welcome here too. In a moment
    of panic, I bought the 6003 Pro back, as it was digital ready too. I wonder what that means in
    this world of backs. Anyone out there have any experience on putting a digital back on one? I
    guess part of it is the electronic connection (but to whose back?), and part is the "removable
    film gate".
  6. Well, no personal experience, otherwise I would be in "Chapter 11" circumstances now. I
    believe it boils down to this: <br><br>
    backs: <br>
    - one from Phase One from the H series + the bundle,<br>
    - from Jenoptik, <br>
    - Ixpress from Imacon <br>
    - several from Sinar, including the new bundle. <br><br>
    film-gate: <br> you can check this yourself easily. On old backs the film-gate is secured
    by 4 tiny screws. It is not "removable". New backs show no screws on the film-gate and it
    can be pulled out just like that. You will need the new one for mounting a digital back.
    <br><br> Ferdi.
  7. One more thing: some digital backs need a cable connection to the camera. The bundles
    seem to have a cable-less connection.
  8. The Phase One H20 is 6008i and 6008AF only. Sorry about that. You were asking about the

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