Rollei Digibase C-41 kit: push processing times?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by c_barey, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Does anyone know anything about push processing in the Digibase kit? The instructions are silent on the topic and my attempts to elicit a response from Maco have been unavailing.
  2. I should add that I'm interested in times for push processing at 25C and 20C.
  3. although the\his us a good kit basedm as I was told, on real kodak/fuji formulas)
    I was informed that it is either haqrd to find ort discontimued in kit form.
  4. I would look at push processing times for other C-41 kits and use that as a starting point. Remember that most C-41 films are not designed for pushing so you will have to experiment. IIRC, the pushability of a C-41 film depends more on film than the chemistry. For example, a number of years back when Kodak sold Ektapress C-41 films, the ISO 400 version could be pushed but the ISO 100 was not recommended.
  5. The ingredients found in the C-41 developer will likely not be much different, brand to brand; otherwise, I think the results would be substandard. What I am saying is, pushprocesing is pushprocessing so I think it will be OK to use Kodak’s data.
    Kodak designed Professional Portra 400UC and Portra 800 so that it can tolerate pushprocessing and yield quality prints. Paraphrasing the Kodak Z-131 manual – Normal time 3 minutes 15 seconds. 2X ISO 3 minutes 45 seconds. 4X ISO 4 minutes 15 seconds.

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